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    In the war of respect and love,
    Not a single one will survive,
    Tooth and nail we fight,
    But what do we get in the end?
    Empty promises?
    Lies from the deepest pits of our mind?
    Only rarely is the prize worth the battle,
    But even then, you come to doubt your effort.
    Was it all for nothing?
    Lies coated in greed?
    Tears mean nothing in this lie-filled life we live.
    “I love you” Are three well used words that mean nothing to me.
    Because even if I love you,
    You’ll never love me.
    And if you love me,
    I’ll never love you.
    What a vicious cycle we run?
    Lost in our own devices as we believe this deceit,
    Will we ever run?
    Will we ever stop?
    None know the answers,
    Though some claim to know it all,
    All they know is the wishes of the dead,
    The wisps of regret and anger that we ignore,
    What a fucking joke.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.