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    Just had sex... need to vent...

    I hate having sex, I don't get the high that everyone else talks about... I have a healthy attitude to sex, and my parents wouldn't care if I came home and said I was in love with an Aubergine... I wasn't raised to find it dirty or sinful... but there's something about me specific Physiological/chemistry that means that afterwards I just feel dulled and lifeless...

    But I'm human, and I've loved this girl since I first met her at the age of 14...

    But that's my problem in a nut-shell really... my body's and mind's needs are constantly at war... my body lusts my brain knows that it leads to depression... my body craves inappropriately large amounts of food my mind knows that makes me fat... my mind wants to exercise and feel healthy and uplifted on the endophine rush but my body wants to sleep...

    And now we've slept together (something that has come completely out of the blue mind you) it's gonna get complicated and now I'm looking at lossing one of my best held real life friends...

    Oh... and it's raining...


    -J- :sadwave:

    (Just needed to vent... I don't feel suicidal over this... so no body worry too much)
  2. wheresmysheep

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    :hug: these feelings are quite normal to have, terapy will help you alot imo. :hug:
    and you wont loose her. sex, as you said is a healthy thing, so donr make it a wierd thing either it'll be ok :hug:
  3. tendenCs_89

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    if your worried about losing her as a friend, and want to keep her as a friend just tell her
    if you want to have a relationship then get prepared because yeah it can be complicated
    but if you liek this girl and she likes you, there shouldnt really be a problem so just try and relax would be my advice
    does she know that sex is difficult for you? does she know why? i.e. your past? if your really into her maybe you should tell her that
    and as for the mind vs body thing i know exactly what you mean
    i think the key is (which im trying to implement) to force your body to do what the mind tells it to. Try and get into a routine or a diet perhaps and try and take small steps, liek exercise a little, eat less, building up more and more each week
    stay safe
    -A- :D
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    i know the feeling, stuck in a relationship with someone who is elusive, you begin to question what else is there, makes me regret bieng born, and sometimes oh so small and meaningless.

    take control, or be controlled, thats probably a motto i will refer to when in doubt