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I'm sorry if this is an unusual site introduction, but a group of users on the forum /b/ of www.4channel.org is/was planning a raid on this site in which they'd spam messages for users to kill themselves. Having been a victim of depression myself who had attempted suicide, I found it important to warn this forum in case this invasion goes through. The /b/ community as a whole has voted down the idea of a raid, but individuals have stated that they will attempt solo assualts, and one person has stated that they will ask another website to perform an attack. Normally I would certainlt not warn a forum and maybe even join in the attack but seeing as such an attack could here result in one or more deaths of users I am not comfortable with this invasion.

As a suggestion to mods/admins, it may be wise to make registrations admin-approval only or at least to moniter the forums very closely in the near future and/or this weekend.

With that out of the way, now that I'm registered maybe I can be a helpful part of the community. At least I'll probably try to help out in the suicide forums. Hope to see you all soon.

EDIT: A screenshot of the discussion after the idea of the raid was put to a yea/nay vote. Approximatly 2/3 of the votes were "nay" but a few "yea" voters indicated the might take matters into their own hands.

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Oh for the love of christ, I know that website, hell I am a /b/tard (What they call themselves)

B is the random board, where people post rnaodm stuff, and occasionally, they raid websites and do stupid things. They've gone on forums before and posted the most foul things, and they gang up in groups to do it all at once to make it hard for mods to catch it all...

I can't believe they would do that here....
It's been done before OWL, don't worry. We have a very efficient staff here and got it all sorted out very quickly :)
Yes, it really shows how ignorant people can be when they start posting things like that, especially on a site like this.
Anyway, thanks for the warning Zeb.


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Thank you for the warning zeb, it is much appreciated. Hopefully we'll be able to deal with it as effectively as we have done before.


Thanks for the warning - its happened a lot in the past and its always dealt with quickly :)
Just bringing this to your attention, the community of /b/ on 4chan, which has always prided itself on having no rules, have been somewhat more restricted.

Any and all people that post ideas of raids on other sites will be permenantly banned from 4chan. Everyone that posts in one of those threads which suggests raids will be perma banned.

To say the least, this ban infuriated the 4channers. I found it amusing.

Oh, and this restriction was caused, in part, by their plan to raid this site.
Zeb...what a kind soul you are...but why do you keep such company? Those that spam us are of two kinds, too ignorant to care or too troubled to stay...thank you and I wish you joy on your journey...big hugs, Jackie


yea the restrictions of the rules that have aways been there, are now being tightly enforced by the mods.

this has just totally split the whole of the boards, on the one side we have the old people who are happy the raids are over, and want it to go back to how it used to be. on the other side there are the people who are really angry at the rule enforcement and hence they have a bit of a civil war with each other at the moment.
Thanks for the warning, I'm sure the mods/admins will be ready for it because in the past the staff on this site has dealed with trolls and spammers really well.


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resistance said:
Thanks for the warning, I'm sure the mods/admins will be ready for it because in the past the staff on this site has dealed with trolls and spammers really well.
We've actually already been raided.. (although we're always on the look out for such things) but luckily 'staff' were on top of it and they've been banned/posts deleted/ip addresses blocked.. am glad that they didn't get to disrupt the forum and our lovely members too much :grouphug:
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