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was an okay day

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by bubblebear, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. bubblebear

    bubblebear Princess

    had an okay morning. felt calmer than usual. then mam asked me about college and when they registry was going to email me about fees and other deets etc and i go treallly really stressed and i told her i didnt know but they knew i was going back this october. i dont know why i get so overwhelmed and stressed. maybe i hsouldnt have told her i emaile the registry confirming id be back in sept. just htought ti was good news to share. and hten she started asking me when they would email me again etc. i mean how the fuck would i know :( they email whenthey eamil .she said hse as afraid we'd miss out on their emails or theyd forget . i feel kind of shaky. i dont know whats wrong. i was colouring but then i was to ostresed out to continue lol. i was kind of mean to my mam and i got snappy when i told her it would be fine and that colelg ewould email me whenever. its true. i pay fees so i dont think theyd just let me get away with not paying lol. at most if they dont email me by late august then i can email them. but i think i should give them some time because its only just the beginningof the holidays and thye hae thousands of other students tosort through. she was asking me how muc hfees were. i told her already. and it was like she expected the registry to tell me how muc hfees were. itdoesnt work lke that. my course my responsiblity i should be checking up on fees. ani told her already how muc hit costs it just strssed me out so muc htaht she asked me again. its so stressful. i think next time i wont mention things about college. the afternath stresses me out too muc happarantely

    oh and cos im a sneaky bitch im going to learn how topicl locks. not cos im evil. but i think one day it wil lcome in useful. im goin to do some coding now. ifeel liek doin osmethign technical that will take over my mind. and i can learn new things. i shoudlbe excited forrevising my langauges too but im nto as intriuged by it. prolly cos i have to do it. coding is optional. coding is exciting. coding is awesome.

    i feel kinda disoreintaed. ill go now. maybe il lwrite ap oem later