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Was anyone ever blamed for being bullied?

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I was.

When I was in school, I was often told that it's my fault that others picked on me or hit me. I was doing something that they didn't like, so it was only expected that they would react like that.

There were times when entire groups of classmates would pick on me. Once, in 8th grade, the teacher left the room for something and many of the kids in there with me started throwing things at me. I got a large pencil shard stuck in my arm, even. When the teacher came back, she saw what had happened to me and yelled at the class, then pulled the pencil shard out of my arm. The kids were upset at her, but me even more and I suffered retaliation later.

That was one of the few times teachers stuck up for me. I've been asked many times, "why should I send the entire class out to the principal's office over you?" before being sent there myself.


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Yes, this happened to me when I tried to get help, i.e., told it was my fault I was being bullied. This happened so much that I eventually stopped asking for help. As for teachers, I was frequently bullied (severely) in front of them and they did nothing to stop it and ignored it. I hate teachers and am scared of them now. I was overtly abused by teachers, also, so this isn't helping...

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In response to the OP's question, I wasn't.

However, I would like to give all bullies in the world a piece of my mind. Shame on the teachers mentioned who did not stand up and try to put a stop to the bullying. The fact that some condoned it is disgustingly cruel. If you are blamed for being bullied, the bullies should be blamed 100000000x more. Bullying is unacceptable and brute behavior. From some of the teachers' standpoints though, some schools have notoriously high crime rates and are prone to violence, so I can see why it might be hard to take the initiative and do what most would say is "right."


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Yes. I was blamed a lot of times by others and even my own mother at times. I know my mother was just trying to help me though but the others were just being shallow. They would basically say stuff like "Well its your fault for being fat & ugly. You can do something about it" & "Its your fault that you're a shy & quiet loner you know". Stuff like that would just tick me off so bad. I am fat, however I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so therefore I'm always going to be ugly or beautiful to someone no matter what shape, size, color, etc I am. The fact that I'm a shy & quiet loner is just my personality.. My dad was the same way my age and still is. They're many shy & quiet loners in this world.. I don't get why someone should go pointing fingers and taunting someone cause of it. So therefore blaming me for being myself won't solve a thing. Sure stuff like that can motivate a person to become healthier, become more outgoing, etc but blaming for bullying is still a pretty shallow thing to do. By the way.. People did me the same way as well.. Sometimes the teachers would even join in on bullying me. It got to a point where I got sick of going home crying to my mom to go up to the school and just gain that "crybaby" reputation I had even more that I just stopped depending on others to help with my bullying. I just had to learn to deal with it myself and take whatever blame I received. Every now and then I'd have to talk to someone about it to release steam but thats it.

It wasn't easy though.. Cause I'd seriously have about a total of 30 or more people at once chant stuff at me and throw stuff at me. I'd start to think "Maybe there really isn't anyone in this world that likes me after all...". Thats when I started to meet people that're in my life now that remind me that I'm loved by someone & that I'm not alone. There may not be a whole lot of people but theres a lot of quality that comes out of that little quantity of mine. ♥
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