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Was I in the wrong?

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I'm kind of depressed over the way I treated some people in my life, but part of me feels like I shouldn't have to feel bad, and that it would be unfair if I had pretended if everything was ok.

It really comes down to two events.

I went back home this weekend, and tried reconnecting with some old friends. They didn't have anything fun or exciting to do, so i got bored while being at their place. I kind of made an awkward excuse for having to leave, but didn't tell them the real reason. I want to tell them why, but I don't want to hurt their feelings.

But the truth is, that I do think I'm better than them and that I have better things to do than the hang around them. Should I tell them how I really feel? or should I just leave it? and should I feel bad for feeling this way? I don't like having to apologize for my feelings.

The second event has to do with a girl that wanted to date me. we talked on the phone first and everything clicked, nice personality, fun conversation, but when I saw her appearance, I realized that I'm too good for her, and that she doesn't measure up to my standards in terms of physical appearance.

I know I probably seem like a really bad person, but should I feel bad for wanting to spend time and date people that are privileged in the way they look and the things they do?


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I know it makes me seem like a very horrible person, but it's very honest, i don't want to be with someone just because i can't say no to them. In the end, I think it's better for her because she deserves someone who can be with her.


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Well i can say this, appearance is important. It's very important to like the person to whom you are with. So if she doesn't do it for you, then yah, it's better off for the both of you if you don't persue a intimate close relationship in my opinon.

As far as your friends go.. well if you call them your friends maybe you should try to include them in what you percieve to be better and more entertaining. Atleast give it a try, that's what people do for those they care about.

And.. Mate. I think you're treading on a fine line with thinking you are better than other people. You're harshly defining people, and to behonest i bet you know squat about who they really are, just about as much as they know about your intimate and personal feelings thoughts and exsistence. It's good to know what sort of people you want and dont want to be associateing with in your life, but becareful with definition. You limit yourself with your progress if you use that as a tool.

Be around the people you feel comfortable being around.

Just my opinion


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you shouldn't feel bad about not wanting to be friends with someone. people grow apart, form different interests etc. just be sensitive though. when I was 8 someone told me flat out he didn't want to be my friend...near 30 years later I still feel that hurt.

same goes for the woman you were talking with, just don't lead her on...that's rather painful too.
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