was i wasting my time

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  1. undercoverlover

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    i was up on the phone all last night for hours telling my girlfriend she was beautiful, needed to eat, was worthy of love, was talented, everything.
    i asked if she believed me. she said yes.
    but now shes saying that the whole time on the phone she was shaking her head and saying no.
    i know this is her depression/ED's fault and not hers or mine, but i feel really betrayed and upset. i thought i was helping her. but i was only wasting her time.
    she always tells me i have reasons to live but she doesnt. i dont want to hear i have reasons to live if shes dead.
    she said she would keep our promise and not harm herself but now im not sure if she even kept that.
    i want her to know that if she keeps holding on she will find joy in things again. she will find reasons to live. i dont know, i have so much faith in her. i know she is strong, but its more than that; she reminds me of myself a few years ago. i know she can make it through this because i did. but she cant do it alone.
  2. Theodora

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    You didn't waste your time. How many people told you the same things you're telling your GF before you believed it? Or even listened and wondered if you could?
  3. undercoverlover

    undercoverlover Well-Known Member

    it will take a while, i know. but i hate getting the texts crying because she ate, thinking "oh, sure i'll die, but at least i will be thin before it." it makes me sob and wish she would believe everything i am saying. i wont give up but it will be a hard battle to fight.
  4. Much afraid

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    Keep fighting ~ you know what it means to you and her. ♥