wasnt even damn well looking

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    What is it with me , aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhh , I came here in may reeling from my 20 yr marriage breaking up in march - what did i do ? became great friends with many of u guys - that I would nt change .

    Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what else happened 'Joey ' thats what , was i looking to complicate my life or someone elses - nope not at all but thats exactly what happened - we both got hurt and now poor Joey is in contact with me by phone only while he soets himself out and is staying away from sf altogether at the moment :blink:

    So now the last 4 weeks , did i ask to meet anyone else noooooo , but i met a nice guy , he has closely persued me and asked me to 'see' him on a different level - i quite liked him , but something was stopping me :unsure: and yea rightly so ..........despite his daily phonecalls and bombarding me with romantic texts i have now challenged him and discovered ...............

    yes HE'S BLOODY WELL MARRRIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAARGGHHHHHHHHHH , am i really that worthless , i wasnt even looking , why bother with me , why feed me ur bullshit , im sick of it , being nice and forever seeing the good in everyone - that wont change its my personality type , but as for reltionships ........PPPFFFFFFT , I could nt hold it together after 20 yrs with the love of my life mainly bc of my chemically knackered up brain , so why would i even dream there will ever be anyone else , Im alone , me and the kids and it can stay that way - they re all ill ever need .

    Sorry for the rant just sick of life doing me over :mad:

    safe yea

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    Hi Jo. I remember seeing Joey in the chatroom before, but I haven't seen him there recently. Why is he staying away from SF? Don't feel that its your fault. It's his fault for being a married man and trying to have a relationship with you. He should have told you that from the start. :hug:
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    aaww dave let me explain , Joey wasnt married hun he and I were real close but called it off bc of other issues , Joey is really quiet in chat but is so caring if u get over that and get to know him , hes staying away bc i was supposed to be going to see him next weekend and we were having a holiday etc - well obviously we arent now and it hurts him , however we are great friends and always will be and he will be back.

    No the married guy is a sleezebag that was pursuing me hun - not joey - in fact Joey would never behave like this ass has.

    thanks hun :hug:
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    It is hard when two people meet that are both hurting and you comfort and console each other not to develop feelings on a deeper level. A void is being filled. You are a person that cares deeply and places everything in to this caring. The problem with this is that it also leads to being hurt more deeply. Don't give up on things, just recognize that you need to take care in howly deeply vested you become in others. Be a little selfish and put yourself first. :hug:
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    Thanks for clearing that up Jo. :hug:
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    Wow Jo that is too close to home for me. The only difference is that I went half way around the world to meet a man from SF and he ended up being Joey and the sleezebag all wrapped up into one person. He hurt me in a way that even my abusive ex couldnt accomplish in over 20 years of being together. And I have promised myself to never ever let myself get hurt like that again. Hun, please get the anger out and get closure on these situations. Trust me, without it you'll go crazy. PM if you want to vent or chat.
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    Thanks ever so guys , carla hunni can u add me to msn trouble.jo@hotmail.co.uk , but im fine now hun , ur situ sounded much worse how horrible ,
    ive got no anger towards Joey - our decision was mutual and hurt us both

    the other sleeze bucket - well i was luckier than u hunni i didnt waste much time / energy / emotion on him.

    thanks for the hugs , nothing can replace a genuine hug anyway

  9. Angel_Dawn

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    Awwwww Jo *hug It's not you hun, you're a wonderful person and sometimes the wrong person sees that and knows how wonderful you are and takes advantage of the situation, these are the lowest of the low in the world. Don't let him get to you. You're a wonderful person and deserve better anyways! *hug Lots and lots of *hugs*

  10. *dilligaf*

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    jo :sad:

    i'm sorry you got hurt hun, really i am.

    love you babe xxx