Wasting my life?

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    Sometimes I feel like i'm wasting my life in the sense that all i'm trying to achieve will just end suddenly someday and won't mean anything. Ok I can give my money to family or whatever when i'm gone but generally when I die its like well... that's it. All that blood, sweat and hard work gone down the drain. What I have achieved will not meaning anything in death or have any significance. The paper that people worship called money it's just paper used to represent a number in order to purchase. Money doesn't care if you die or if you're lonely or even if you're skint and on the streets. When I was talking to my mum about life a few days after my two overdoses I said if I did die the only things that would even care is family and friends either way all I am is a number, a statistic. DNA is our barcodes. People end their lives early yet if they didn't they will die eventually anyway. We can't beat the cycle of life. At the end everything has to disappear.

    Through therapy they told me I can't think this way but this is how life is! This isn't a delusion but no, apparently i'm wrong. They say look to the future when you're older and have kids and grandkids and stuff. Well... What if I don't want that? They keep saying when you've lost more weight your life expectancy will extend. But I don't want a long life. It's a battle that can't be won
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    You are right hun dying is a part of living we all must die at some point so why not take today and enjoy living while we can just the small things enjoy it ok walking . a child smile , swim in the lake , small things. hun Enjoy your family live each day as well as you can for tomorrow who knows what will be hugs
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    If the only way to be successful or have meaning in your opinion is to live forever than I guess you are correct. If "meaning" means people all of the world have to remember and talk of you forever than it is not likely to happen - even presidents and world leaders are forgotten after 50 years usually. But there is meaning - stupid silly story of the little girl throwing starfish from the beach into the ocean - you do not need to save all of the starfish to have meaning and to have made a difference.....