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way up and then a way down...mostly down...

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Sorry for maybe not reply my post, but thanks for the people who said something...

What is the situation now....

For those who not know yet, I have a gf in a foreign country and it is not going good, now more I have feeling it will not come good. While I lover her so much, I wish feelings that you can shot down, but I cannot. I already try to erase her, while we still in contact, but i erase her in my fb, pics etc. Maybe I try to accept slowly it is the end, but ofcourse there is still hope...

....I have a new job, today my real first day. It was a distaster. I do then callcenter work, but think it is nothing for me. Maybe I still need get used, but quit hard and so difficult system to work with... makes me stressy a lot... I do not think I do this long. Hope it gets better...

....I have now medicines for my sleep and depressive moods. It helps, but it makes me so neutral feeling, that sometimes it makes me down again and emotinal. In the beginning it worked, but feeling that which was my way up is going down again. I feel that I fail so badly in everything, with my gf and now my work that only cause stress...ok is first day, so hope get better. Is first impression ofcourse and I need get used to... i hope so...

But not good I feel down and neutral at the same time. In 2 weeks I have an appointment with my pshycologist, so can tel her what I feel now...

I just want make succes of things, not way down..hope so

Thanks for reading, almost crying :(


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I think better leave this forum, too much people and i do not get a reply here anymore...i am only talking to myself now in this post or i better jump from a building


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Sorry Marti I just saw your thread I understand the pain you're in,keep trying I know it's easier said than done sorry my haands are tremoring badly now so I can't write alot.
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