We are Brave - Don't be Bullied

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Anonymous2, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Anonymous2

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    We are NOT cowards. We are BRAVE and COURAGEOUS

    We voluntarily plummet into a world of extreme pain <mod edit - methods >. Things that the average man would be scared :cry: to death of doing. We risk going to hell. We risk the unknown. We risk a decimation of our legacy. We risk never being able to see family again. We risk the misery of NEVER being able to feel love or even see beauty again.

    I so sick and tired of hearing bullies use the word coward to describe us. They're so wrong. Take a stand. Hold your head high. They are no better than us.

    If we invented a realist suicide simulation game (One that capture the fear, pain, and suffering required to, for example,<mod edit - methods>) I bet you none of these so called brave normal people would participate (especially if we added a hell simulation afterlife). Why wouldn't they participate? Because they're are scared. Bullies are cowards.

    I call these sh!t talkers bullies because they pick on a small, vulnerable population. They go around spreading hate and talking sh!t about suicidal people. Sometimes even after they die. They do this because they know they can get away with it. Most suicidal people are passive and submissive. They let people talk sh!t about them.

    In fact, very few people will probably even respond to this post because they're afraid of standing up to these bullies or showing support for anything that could result in conflict with bullies.... but not me. I will say what I want. If someone talks sh!t about me or other suicidal people, I will take a stand. These bullies with all their sh!t talking about suicidal people does not scare me.

    Of course, some will argue that suicidal people are afraid of living ... BUT that's often not true. It's not that we're afraid of living; it's simply that we're NOT afraid of dying.
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  2. JmpMster

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    There are many ways to fight back against bullies - and I agree most bullies are cowards. Ways to fight back are simple - in school go to the teachers and go to the counselors and go to the principals and complain - and if they do not do something to help on the spot call 911 and ask for a police officer to come deal with the harassment. In the US schools are also responsible for cyber bullying - for example facebook - if the relationship is due to school (students in same school). If you see somebody else being bullied and walk by without DOING something then you are no better than the bully, you do not need to physically intercede but you can go to the teacher, counselor principal. If it is out of school use employee complaint and harassment lines and in all cases do not be afraid to involve police as harassment, even if not to the point of physical assault, is illegal virtually everywhere.
    That is how you act courageous and brave - and that is how you help others that find themselves in similar situations.
  3. Stranger1

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    I agree about not backing down.. In fact I talk to peoplewho have questions (rare Occasion).. I don't give a shit what others think.. This is my problem and I do whatever I can to avoid suicide..My grandaughter is the only reason I keep going..
  4. roksy

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    I agree that it is really difficult to face people who try to put us down for feelings we didn't even choose to have. I once said to a friend that it is actually brave to face these issues. On top of having so much pressure from within we face the stigma from people around us.
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