We are f****** doomed!

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    Been reading about India, and its long term growth predictions, along with the massive dislocation of people that will come from climate change and their plans to move 70% of the population from rural areas to the cities. They want 85% living in cities in the next 20 to 30 years, to make way for mass industrial agriculture, probably on a scale we've never seen. Then we have the developing arms race between Pakistan, China and India, and some already disputed territories. It all feeds in nicely with the work im doing atm, but I can see now no amount of sanity and insight is gonna save this fucked up planet.

    Humans are a disease. The poor get fucked over the by the rich, and everyone fucks over the very system that supports us all in the process - the natural world. Honestly, do we have to wait for biodiversity loss to reach like 90% before people notice? or maybe when we all run outta fresh water, we might notice then? or maybe when sea levels rise 7 metres and wipe out much of the 70% in human population that lives on coastal plains? Maybe then well notice. Dispute the figures if you like, I dont give a fuck. All I know is that this kind of mass self inflicted suicide is gonna be the final solution. Organisations like the Optimal Population Trust, with David Attenborough as patron, wont really have to do anything, cause we will do ourselves.


    Only problem is were gonna take a lot of species with us, and thats what Im pissed off about most. Dont get me wrong, I hate the inequality and social injustice that takes place around the world, the fact so many are fucking dirt poor, but we should be smart enough to provide a reasonable lifestyle that doesnt plunge the entire planet into chaos. Animals and other species, dont have that intelligence, they just have suck up whatever shit we throw at them.

    Indians have the right to progress, but do they have to make the same mistakes we made, just because "well you did it, so we will too, how dare you deny us". Surely to shit, its about time we headed down a different path.

    I dunno, im super depressed, feel like what im doing is fruitless, because ultimately mankind just WILL NOT WAKE UP. I might not be saint, but if you saw the way im living atm, its hardly the high life, and at least I see the problems and want to change.

    I really think mankind is headed for severe collapse. Like 5 billion later collapse. I firmly believe that now. The question is, do I spend my time trying to play a part in slowing down the process, or should I just throw it all in and run under a truck ?

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    I'm sorry this has got you feeling so down.
    It's just the opposite with me. I can't for things to go to shit.
    We'll figure out something either way :heart:
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    I see the same things you both are seeing. I'm sure many do and just don't want to face it. It's possible that it won't happen so immediately as some are predicting, but it is definitely on its way. It really gets to me, too. Its a major part of my anxiety, seriously. A major part and I think about it often and how I can possibly help others. In a way I want to see it hurry up and get over with as well. I don't think we're all going to die off, but something drastic that will induce change is very necessary. You're not alone.
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    I really hope the human race wakes up to this but unfortunately I don't see much evidence to support that hope. Rachel Carson wrote a book called the Silent Spring in the late fifties arguing the point that if we don't stop what we are doing the world is going to become a wasteland. 50 years later the powers that be still keep us rushing headlong towards disaster. The planet itself will survive in the long run but as for the parasites who think they can control nature I fear my hope will be in vain. We need to live with the planet but in the search for the great God Profit we seem to turn a blind eye to this.
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    "the 'control of nature' is a phrase conceived in arrogance, born of the Neanderthal age of biology and philosophy, when it was supposed that nature exists for the convenience of man." - bit of Carson ;)
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    Man, nature don't give a shit about anything. Nature is anarchy. Morality is a made up illusion to help mankind. Species would die off without our help and nature would just sit there in its complete lack of care. I also want to see the world go to shit. I know its a terrible thing to say it just excites me to no end. I personally believe the world is gonna hit bottom and a load of people are gonna die but then we will get our heads about us and set straight. But like many addicts know the urge can come back. I believe mankind is narcisistic and knows that advancment is bad. Everybody thinks advancement is great (but deep down we know the truth). The more efficient you are the more wastefull you are. If mankind keeps advancing we are doomed to destruction. Its like the economy. The higher you go the lower you fall. But does man really want simple happiness. If you had the chance at doing your life over again as a program that had you set on a perfect life would you do it? I think most people wouldn't. Pain hurts but I think that to man it is better than having no free will. We have to matter. And how can you matter if all you are is a program that always makes the perfect choice? You can't, in perfection there is no more meaning. That is why we advance, that is why we can't always be happy. It doesn't matter where we advance too as long as we are going somwhere. And mothernature still dont give a shit.
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    every generation thought it was about to witness the end of times. biblical apocalypse, armageddon, nuclear holocaust, whatever... truth is i doubt any substantial change ever going to happen.