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...we came in?

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Dr Death, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Dr Death

    Dr Death New Member

    I guess it is customary to introduce yourself here... I don't really know what is allowed and what isn't... so I'll just ramble on a bit and if anything I write violates any rules, hopefully someone can set me on the right path.

    My name is... well... it's not really important... you can call me
    Dr Death. I am a 41 year old male living somewhere in the mid-USA. I am in excellent physical condition... on the outside... I have light brownish, dark blondish hair and I wear it long. I currently am employed with the united states government and I am Type I Diabetic.

    My story is too damn long, but the short version is as follows: I began working at my current job in 1995. In January 1998 my supervisor... and from here on out that term should be taken very lightly... told me that caring for my diabetes at work was a Time Wasting Practice... and refused, with the threat of termination, to allow me to do the things I need in order to remain amongst the living. (Checking blood sugar levels, partaking of nutrition and injecting insulin)

    After two weeks and 23 episodes of hypoglycemia attacks, which nearly led to my immediate death, I saw no other option but to file a lawsuit. However, since this is the government, one cannot simply file a lawsuit... one has to file what is called an EEO complaint.

    My case was accepted. I could not find an attorney who would take my case. Apparently most attorney's don't like fighting the govt. So, I chose to have my Union Steward defend me. This would be seen as very stupid in most cases, but my Steward is an amazing person and I believe, could easily be a lawyer if he so chose to do so.

    It took two and half years but I prevailed. My Union Steward and I against two high priced, professional attorney's for the united states government. I won. From that day... (June 2000) until early 2004, there were many incidents of harassment against me, but most were of the annoying type. Nothing that was really life threatening.

    In February 2004, that all changed. New supervisors came in and immediately started doing the same exact thing that happened in 1998. A hypoglycemic attack occurred that was so severe I had to be rushed to the hospital. Oddly enough, it was my Union Steward who found me and saved my life.

    Once more I filed suit. This time I did find an attorney and I would venture to say that God was smiling down on me, because my current attorney is like a Guardian Angel sent to me. He used to be a doctor and knows Type I Diabetes inside/out. He is also quite good at what he does.

    Last May, some 2 + years following the latest episodes, my case went to trial. The supervisors who testified for the government were so pathetic in their testimony that half way through the trial the judge begged the attorney for the govt. to settle the case. Management was caught in multiple lies and the only two who didn't lie, said nothing but positive things about me and my work, one said that I was one of the few employees who could be trusted with special tasks.

    The case is now worth a lot of money as well as other remedies. So far, you are probably thinking... 'Okay... what's the problem then?'

    Since the last day of the trial... 10 May 2006, the agency has acted out so bad that my health has continued to suffer drastically. Since last May I have had to file yet another EEO Complaint, have been in and out of the hospital and the judge, who was by all appearances appalled by the actions of management, has still NOT given a decision in my case.

    So you know, a typical EEO case takes about two month's to be decided. Last summer, the judge promised to have the decision in by 30 September. Then in January we were promised by said judge the case would be decided by February.

    It is now 8 May and nothing has happened. Well, nothing except more health issues, more lawsuits, debt that is now approaching $50,000 and sadly enough, there is nothing to require this judge to give a decision in any stated time frame.

    Which means this could go on forever... Talk about justice...

    I won't even go into all the detail about my health issues and how all the stress and unaccommodating supervisors have such serious ramifications on a person with Type I Diabetes. It should be noted that when I am allowed to care for myself without obstruction I am an extremely well controlled diabetic, as my hemoglobin A1C tests average between 5.3 and 5.7, which is amazing for any diabetic.

    I rarely sleep... which causes problems as well... and I am now at a point where the entire thing seems so hopeless. Without a decision my debt is slowly burying me. There is no way I can do this much longer. I also cannot just walk away, as there is no way to recover from the debt as it is also highly unlikely to find a job paying as much as the current one.

    My failing health also makes a new job nearly impossible as there are no assurances I would even be able to hold a new position.

    All of which has led me to here... Sad how f*cked up our world is that innocent people can be put through this kind of crap and our justice system does nothing...

    Sorry for the lengthy intro... writing it out is supposed to help... so they say...

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  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    :hug: :hug:

    Sounds just like trying to sue the National Health Service here in the UK.:mad:
    They lag it out for so long that people either give up, run out of money or die.:mad:
    Seems to me that they have backed you into a corner, you can't give up now even if you wanted to.
    What about the European courts of civil rights? they will often champion this kind of cause and would bring pressure to bear for a decision.
  3. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I am sorry the government treats anyone the way they do. It is not only unjust and unfair that they have the audacity to think they are above the law, but should be just as much there responsibility for the safety and well being of their employess as anyone else. They would be quick to award damages in any other business entity. I hope you find closure to this fiasco soon. They need to treat you with dignity and respect. You are in my thoughts.
  4. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    Welcome to SF :hug:
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