We Have No Purpose

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  1. rtrt46546565

    rtrt46546565 Well-Known Member

    I suppose it could be argued that I have no evidence to claim this statement as fact, but really, do I need any? It'd make more sense to argue where the evidence is showing that we do have purpose. In my mind, the fact that there is no evidence of purpose is evidence enough that there isn't any. But, people will believe what they wanna believe. This is just my own opinion.

    Anyway... I think it's silly how people are convinced that our lives have some specific purpose. Sure, I understand the feeling of wanting purpose, but I also understand reality, and the reality is that we have no purpose. What gets me the most is how self-centered we are about it. Do you ever hear people say that animals have a purpose? How about plants? Bacteria? No, you don't. We humans are the only living thing special enough to have purpose, apparently. Surely because we happen to have minds capable enough to contemplate the idea of so-called "purpose", we must have it, right? Wrong. And that's the problem: our minds. They're too evolved, which makes us too aware. We think too much, wonder too much, ponder too much, which leads to us thinking about what purpose we have. Because we just can't bare the thought that we have no purpose. No, not us! We're too special to not have a purpose! When really, we're nothing more than pointless specs in a pointless universe. There's nothing special about us. We're born, we live, we die. The end.
  2. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    I believe everything has a purpose. Everything on this planet serves a vital role in contributing to the survival of the planet and all that lives in it.
    Humans are destroying it because of greed, but I see evidence that we are to take are of this planet and all that are in it for the simple fact that we are on the top of the food chain, and we have the power to do so.
  3. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Everyone has a purpose for living. One must never give up hope but try to the best of a bad situation. Everyone suffers in life but we strive to get better over time whether it takes years or months. Humans behave in a such a manner to cause hurt or for personal gratification. Sometimes it all about greed and this demonstrated over the centuries since man and women were evolved. Personally, I believe if you treat everyone equally then you have a purpose in life to live and others will respect you back.
  4. CD110

    CD110 Well-Known Member

    I think it's safe to say the only objective purpose of life is to reproduce and then die. Even that won't last as the universe freezes over. Humans are capable of a more profound happiness than animals but are failing miserably at providing it to the vast majority of the population.
  5. ba51th

    ba51th Well-Known Member

    we "do" have purpose... for example, is me... my purpose in life is to fill the role of a man that will never experience how warm women's love is, simply because he was born with a small penis that will never be able to please women... which mean... he will have a miserable life for the rest of his life...
  6. Event_Horizon

    Event_Horizon SF Supporter

    You a nihilist by any chance Matt?
  7. rtrt46546565

    rtrt46546565 Well-Known Member

    I prefer not to put labels on myself, but by definition, I suppose I am.
  8. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Do you know where you’re going to?
    Do you like the things that life is showing you?
    Where are you going to?
    Do you know?

    M. Masser & G. Goffin

    An improved understanding of the purpose and meaning of our present existence initially helped me more than anything else to make some sense of the complexities of this life. It was the beginning of my healing journey that brought me a measure of peace. It was good to get to know that our planet is nothing but a place of learning like a school and that the world of spirit is our true home. This is by no means a scary notion, because the spirit world is not a strange and alien place somewhere else, but a very familiar one that is well-known and much loved by all of us. It is an integral part of our present world, whose outermost manifestation is our present existence in physicality. The inner is a world of light from which we once emerged and at the end of each lifetime return to for rest and recuperation.

  9. PinkiePieInTheSky

    PinkiePieInTheSky Well-Known Member

    I've been moving towards agreeing more and more with you Matt.
    My life is either purposeless, or purposeful in a different manner than I've been told all my life.

    A purpose in life isn't something that somebody else creates, and you just have fumble around for.
    Your purpose is what You do. So I guess I'm a nihilist that believes in self-determination.
    Some people's purpose in life is to work at Walmart or McDonald's till they die.
  10. SillyOldBear

    SillyOldBear Teddy Bear Fanatic Staff Alumni

    Our purpose is to suffer through life, then die.
  11. rtrt46546565

    rtrt46546565 Well-Known Member

    That's true, to a certain extent. Just like it can be true that life isn't pointless, it's what you make it. But, I was referring more to what our purpose is as human beings than individual purpose. I could make it my purpose to save animals, you could make it yours to feed children... But what I'm saying is, I don't believe that we, as a species, have a specific purpose like people think we do.

    I'd say that this statement wouldn't be easy to argue, with all things considered.
  12. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Our world needs you now,
    More than you will ever know
    Or presently can imagine.
    Our world needs your gifts, your hear,
    Your compassion and understanding.
    Your ability to listen, speak, feel and act.

    You have gifts that only you can give,
    In a way that you and you alone can do.
    Your time for holding back is over.
    The time for believing that you are not good enough,
    Not ready enough, not wise enough, has passed.
    Your time for fearing that you are too good,
    Too powerful, too magnificent, too intelligent,
    Have melted away.

    You have run out of excuses and
    Have exhausted the reasons why you cannot act
    In accordance with your true higher self
    And to be the one you are really meant to be.
    Your usual distractions no longer interest you.
    Your strategies for staying small
    And your resistance to the inner calling of
    Your small still voice of conscience to wake up
    From your spiritual slumber have faded away.
    You have risen from the dead.

    Our world needs you now.
    More than you know.
    In the great circle of life there has been a space for you,
    Since before time on the Earth plane began.
    As you wandered and explored, all along a special role
    Has been waiting to be played by you.
    A pair of shoes has marked the place.
    Nobody else could fill them, because they were for you.
    Before you came into your present lifetime,
    You agreed to wear them, as soon as you were ready to occupy
    Your rightful place in the circle.

    Now you are ready and the signs are:
    You are bored of endless self-absorption and self-reflection,
    And your whole being fills ever more with a great urgency
    To leave behind mundane pastimes and ordinary jobs.
    You want to get on with the work you really have come to do.

    All this is happening inside you because
    Your Highest Self knows that our world needs you.
    You have evolved sufficiently for your true self to shine through and
    You are ready to play the role that has been waiting for you,
    Since long before your present earthly sojourn began.
    Every moment of delay widens the hole of your absence
    In the great web of existence.
    You are one of its essential participants.
    Without you Creation is incomplete.

    Global harmony rests in the palms of your very own hands.
    Planetary peace cannot be attained without you playing your part,
    And that with all your heart, mind, body, spirit and soul.
    No-one else can pick up the ball of destiny that is resting at your feet.
    Our world needs you and it does so now.
    More than you will ever know or imagine.

    Rachel Snyder
    Edited by Aquarius

    From ‘Words Of Wisdom, Hope & Encouragement’

    * * *
  13. Johnny Messina

    Johnny Messina Well-Known Member

    i agree with this.. our only purpose would probably be to reproduce... and maybe little things that makes us happy can be watched as the purpose of our life..
    i kind of don't have anything that makes me happy anymore.. it really sucks..
  14. PinkiePieInTheSky

    PinkiePieInTheSky Well-Known Member

    Ah, point taken ;)

    I'm on and off on humanity having a purpose. Some days, I go back to my Christian upbringing, and think humanity was created to enjoy God forever.
    Other days, I think humanity is a pointless existence. Like some fungus on a dead animal; just here because Nature's cycle had us pop up.
  15. rtrt46546565

    rtrt46546565 Well-Known Member

    As much as I'm against this belief, it's nice to see someone say "enjoy God" for once, at least. Typically, it's "obey" or "serve" God, as if we're meant to be slaves.

    That's what I've grown to believe. It just makes more sense that we came from nature/evolution.
  16. PinkiePieInTheSky

    PinkiePieInTheSky Well-Known Member

    I think theoretical is far more about enjoying God than working; if God wanted work done, he would have done it himself.
    And I'm saying that as someone who's failed at being a Christian ;)

    Perhaps it's just my upbringing, but I have trouble believing a Prokaryotic cell became a Eukaryotic cell. I'm more inclined to think Evolution could have been the way some of the things showed up, but somebody had to get that ball rolling.
  17. rtrt46546565

    rtrt46546565 Well-Known Member

    Maybe. But, for me personally, I can't just go by some "somebody". If it can't be seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted or studied, then I have a hard time believing it exists. However, with that being said, I do believe in the possibility of there being some sorta higher power of some kind; just not anything man-made.
  18. Cicada 3301

    Cicada 3301 Staff Alumni SF Supporter

  19. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    God’s great plan of life is evolution and the purpose of every aspect of life is that it should constantly expand in size and consciousness, and over long periods of time – in earthly terms – become ever more beautiful and sophisticated. Naturally, this also applies to our race and that is the reason why all human spirits with their souls have to spend many lifetimes on the Earth plane. Each one of us can only evolve through their own experiences by studying and exploring our own nature, each other’s and that of the world that has been given to us for just this purpose, to ensure that our individual and collective consciousness slowly expands and our souls grow in wisdom and understanding.

    All life is constantly moving forwards on the evolutionary spiral, which aims to gradually take us – each on their own and all together – onto ever higher levels of existence. And each time one of us learns something and therefore grows and evolves, not only our whole world does the same, but also all of Creation. God is life and life is God, and life will forever be humankind’s teacher. With the help of our daily experiences all of us are at any given time gathering ever more knowledge about ourselves and our world. Through this process – and this is the only way it can be achieved – each one of us in the fullness of time evolves into an enlightened being, i.e. one who is fully and consciously aware of God’s true nature and their own.

    From All Life Is Evolution

    * * *
  20. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Guest

    The more I read here, the more slippery the concept of purpose gets.

    We understand the portion of reality that is visible to us, yet we can know only a tiny slice of what the cosmos must be like. And even bacteria strive pretty hard against adversity to succeed in their colonies. I concede that reproduction must be the first order of business for any mortal creature whose species survives generation to generation. Maybe we would have it easier if we could just let the wind pollinate us and dump our seeds the way grass does, faster than horses can eat all the resulting grass shoots. The R, or rabbit strategy, if you will. But we're condemned to the ecological niche of making a living by wits in a social setting. Everything I've said up to here has been covered above already.

    But how do we say that evolution has no purpose? And how do we say that God does have purpose? What is purpose, anyway?

    We begin a circular path through our finite language set by defining purpose in terms of intelligent, goal-oriented behavior. But what is intelligence, or self-awareness, then? The organized behavior of ants marching to a slave raid in my building's parking lot each summer shows that intelligence of some degree, albeit less flexible and general than ours, doesn't even require a big brain. The assertion that conscious thought arises from signal complexity and recursive processes doesn't satisfy me, either, because many enormously complex and recursive systems, say the network of tree roots, fungi, and bacteria in the soil beneath a forest, don't seem endowed with self-reflection. Yet again, would the "thinking" of such a system be apparent to us even were it there?

    We can't even directly experience the thoughts or pains of another human, only are own are accessible to us. We can talk about them, but our powerful languages still carry only limited information. The word red hardly conveys the redness of a tulip in April.

    There's so much more than we can see or know. When we delete ourselves from society by suicide, we cannot predict how that will influence the future of the cosmos, perhaps even up to millions of years from now.

    Ray Bradbury wrote a story, A Sound of Thunder, about sportsmen using a time machine to go back to the dinosaur days and shoot a Tyrannosaurus rex. One of them accidentally steps on a butterfly. When they get back to their own home era, they find their city and country are still there, but bizarre changes have happened. Customs are now incomprehensible. Words are spelled differently. An evil fascist is in power.

    And all these changes were because of that little butterfly, which had been deleted millions of years ago. You see, it didn't flap its wings after it was stepped on. So, a certain future hurricane that would have developed, given enough time, from its wings pushing a single air molecule aside, did not take place in the human era. And this storm would have killed the fascist dictator in childhood if it had blown in. Did the insect have a purpose in life? Maybe it didn't think so, but it did have the powers of a change agent. I feel like a rabbit now.

    ,.. :butterfly4: ... :butterfly2: ..... :butterfly3:
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