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    It's one of those days again... only these last few days were worse. I feel so down I can't do anything right. I am seriously thinking of leaving my partner. I want a fresh start, a new shot at life. I am almost 35 and I hate what I became. I don't have goals and dreams anymore, everyday is just routine.

    It's so petty, feeling like this, only because of little, unimportant promises my partner can't keep. Every time this happens, I feel so angry and then so drained. And it happens a lot. All the memories and the pain she caused me last year, the betrayal and the belittling feelings that comes with it... I know she regrets what she's done. I know she loves me and that in her heart she really like to do what is right for me, but in my anger, it is pointless. I will always be reminded of the suffering she'd put me through. It's not easy to forgive even the littlest broken promise. And I can't accept myself for staying in this relationship. Have I become so weak that I need someone like her in my life to continue my existence? Ten years ago, I was a much different person. If there's only a way to go way back...
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    i have also been having issues with my partner,, i have thought about having a break, even if its just a short time to see how things pan out....

    maybe that could work from you, maybe you need to distance yourself a bit so you can realy see what you want and need
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