Weathered Plights

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    another poem ... my view of my life in abstract form..
    even through my dark days.. what can one do.. but try to express..

    Weathered Plights

    Let me have smell taste lust
    Dignity wipes the smile of my face
    For I’m naked in the sky
    As an obvious member of the human race

    The mirror teases me
    As I try to break down with a word
    It sees my past the now the next
    In my last songs lost in the herd

    I think of all the good things I never did
    For my saddened mind redeems
    Lost power flows throughout my hours
    That makes me cry in dreams

    Where natural-highs elope
    With my plighted empty ground
    Ghosts float across the evening streets
    Looking for places to rest their sound

    Soaked in walls within slight light
    Swollen shivers play notes whales think of as dead
    We see coffins alive in the corner
    Of black night towers safe in bed

    Weathered plights keep them safe
    The night mosquito she smiles
    At least my blood enriches life
    The walls mould faces that stretch for miles

    The sand turns to glass below my feet
    On paralysed mornings I see her there
    Blurry eyes to confront what will defecate
    The mud my skin the blood the air

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.