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My wife deserves the opportunity to help plan her daughter's wedding. It will take place in 11 months. If I die, there will be money to plan this and it will be enjoyable. If I live, and we are destitute there will be no joy at all in the planning of the event, either for my wife or my daughter. I owe it to each to leave them the money to enjoy themselves. One million dollars is not all that much these days, but two million, if intelligently invested really can last a lifetime.


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You obviously care about your family so much.

I want you to think about something. A wedding is extremely special. It's probably one of the happiest days of someones life. For the married couple, and the family. How do you think they will feel if you aren't there. How do you think they will feel using the money gathered from your death? To be honest I wouldn't use the money. I'd rather have my dad, step dad or not, be there watching me marry someone I love.

Money is seriously not everything. I know it ties into lifestyles so dramatically and we build ourselves around and too these lifestyles, but I can guarentee you life is still a beautiful thing to enjoy and share regardless of the financial situation. Your wifes daughter isn't marrying for a grand wedding, she's marrying because she loves her partner. Maybe they won't have the "perfect" wedding, but they'll have achother, and they'll have you and your wife there too.

You don't know, they may find other ways of aquiring the money for their wedding aswell. THere are other avenues, other possibilities, and other ways to live and and enjoy life. Money isn't everything....

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Your wife deserves a husband and daughter deserve a father who will fight to stay strong for them both There is no way that day will be happy or any other day afterwards your thoughts are so distorted you do see the devastation life long one at that you will cause.


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I can't imagine there even being a wedding if you take your life meilma
the damage to your family will be irreparable.
i know how bad you are feeling but staying with your family is the way better option

find some help for yourself and your daughter will have her father there to give her away at her wedding
I had to make that call for help a few weeks ago for my familys sake and I know how hard it is but you can do it
I can guarantee your family would rather have you than all the money in the world and the pain that suicide leaves behind *hugs*
You shouldn't think that way.

I think your wrong with thinking insurance money will make the wedding happier.

When I think of the people who have passed away too soon in my life, given the choice between having them alive and money. I would always choose to have them back. No amount of money can replace them. If only I could buy their lives back.

No amount of money can replace you.
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