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I've decided to either change my life or die after the 15. I'm drunk and tired now, but tonight I've realized that my friends don't care. They know that I've been struggling with suicidal thoughts the last couple of years, but no1 cared. :smile: Finally I can die :biggrin:

A lot can happen before the 15., but I feel good about dying now :biggrin:


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I hope for your sake that you change your life for the better, and don't kill yourself..

I decided to do the same when i started a new school.. If my life didn't get any better i would kill myself.. No explenation for why i still am alive...
I just wanna die, prefered not to be born, but oh well. Can't always get what you want I guess. It's not what I don't have, but what I am. And I am a monster of a person that doesn't deserve life. People that care just don't understand, and I am too ashamed to even say anything. I just want to get it done with and quietly too. But it's hard when I got people who care and at the same time they don;'t know me the way they think.
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