weed is the only reason I'm not dead

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by elementdeckz24, May 25, 2011.

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  1. elementdeckz24

    elementdeckz24 Banned Member

    I don't know if weed is an addiction or what. All I know is I wouldn't be alive without it. I've been rejected by every girl in the world and I've given up on friendship since my friends seem to only want to make things worse for me. Like talk trash behind my back and stuff to girls and other people. So I would have killed myself a long time ago if I didn't find weed so appealing. I would like to think I could live without it but I couldn't its the only thing that keeps me going.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    for one thing girls do not want to go out with someone that uses drugs to make themselfs feel better they want to see someone in control of thier life not someone who allows a drug to rule it time to get help time to change.
  3. Wanteddead

    Wanteddead Account Closed

    Somewhat off topic however.

    If you're not well liked and you smoke weed it can be seen as a reason not to like you, since they view you as a "loser" who just smokes weed and does whatever . I'm not calling you one at all I'm just saying this is how people may view things. In other words they'll use weed as a reason to judge you in not liking you. If someone doesn't like someone they find any reason at all possible not to like you, such as that you smoke a lot of weed. Even when they themselves smoke a lot of weed, ironic isn't it. It's called enemy image or in the most extreme form outgroup duhumanization. Basically you view your enemy as selfish, manipulative, controlling, deceptive, aggressive, violent, stupid, vindictive. Even when in reality you may often have these traits more yourself. It's all in the psychology so you feel justified in being immoral.

    However if you're well liked people won't care at all if you smoke weed on a daily basis, even if it does have some control on you're life and you just couldn't quit. Their are so many factors that you can't just lay the blame on the weed.

    So yeah using weed can be seen as a weaknesses it just depends on the circumstances.

    For example if you have enemies assuming their out to mess with you they could be like "oh you're paranoid," and given the fact their toying with you and theirs no hard proof and you smoke weed it would give your case less credibility. Since weed can make you a bit paranoid. It's just a method for them to get the upper hand by manipulating others opinions. In a conflict a large part of it is how you explain yourself to others so you can get people behind you.

    You want to make your enemy appear to be as evil as possible to others not directly involved by means of deception and manipulation and you to look as justified as possible in your reasons. Such as if you're trying to get people behind you on why your enemy should be killed you will highlight everything bad they've done and fail to mention everything that you've done to that person. Basically it's the enemy image idea, just relating to others not directly involved.

    Somewhat like on the Maury show a guy will be cheating on his GF and their will be lots of odd signs but no hard proof. The guy will have all kinds of excuses and be like oh you're paranoid, you have trust issues, you're crazy. Then if his GF smoked weed too it could even give more credibility, and make her question if she was wrong since it can make you paranoid in some cases. Making her question if she was being the unreasonable one when in reality he's the douche. Once the lie detector is out it would prove that she was right and he was just making excuses.

    What I'm getting at is that I don't agree with you're point total eclipse, that weed is the reason why women don't like him. It's not the root of his problems in his social life. With that said I think you should quit weed, it certainly can be addictive and getting it out of your system will clear your mind and help you focus on what you really want more.
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  4. Silent1

    Silent1 Well-Known Member

    im 100% with you man. its crazy that im still alive today. ive wanted to kill my self since like 4th grade im 22 now. but that one day in 8th grade i found weed. im still depressed and suicidal but as long as im hone everyday and have a peacful session with mary jane, my life can go one more day. i wish you happy smokin :)
  5. viapoetry

    viapoetry Member

    It's probably a placeholder. Once you find something else that makes you genuinely happy, you'll let it go.

    Even though I say that, I've been looking into drugs to help me forget my depression for a while.
  6. Romancer

    Romancer Well-Known Member

    i think you're wrong, you can't judge what girls want just cause you want that ^^
  7. HawthornePassage

    HawthornePassage Well-Known Member

    ^^ same, except weed wasnt my choice. Kratom was it. I didn't want more 'awareness' that weed brought...i already suffer from being excessively aware/analytical/existential and shit
  8. elementdeckz24

    elementdeckz24 Banned Member

    I think you guys are messing up the timeline I turned to weed after all that stuff. I'm not a pot head I don't go around looking like a hippie and smelling like weed. I also don't brag about it but its the only thing that ever makes me feel good. If I had something to ever be happy about I wouldn't have to be so happy about getting high. However I'm trying to change the weed thing will come later I'm just trying to hang out with my homies again and talking to girls. I really appreciate the help though guys thanks
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  9. LightInTheDarkestNight

    LightInTheDarkestNight Well-Known Member

    Weed is Okay for some people but for others it can be a total train wreck.

    Anyone who sells weed to kids 15-16 and under should be locked up for a very long time. Drugs need to be kept out of schools. For the most part these guys only really care about their money. If some older teen or adult can make some money off a younger one and expand his clientele they won't hesitate to profit. I'm not saying their totally evil people or anything however most people only care about their self involved interests and desires they will look for anything to rationalize what they have made up in their mind subconsciously.

    Sure people will say drug use is a victimless crime in the literal sense they are right you're only harming yourself. However when you're too young to realize the harm you're causing yourself, your drug use effects those around you, your family, friends and loved ones will suffer.

    It should only be used at 18+ if not 21+ when you've matured more. Teens haven't had the decision making part of their brain developed they can't properly weigh the consequences of smoking weed every day multiple times a day. Addiction and the fact It will often cause some form of brain damage. The gateway drug stuff is true as well, one will often be popping ecstasy pills as a young teen then moving on to cocaine not before long, then who knows what else heroin, crystal meth etc. More addictions and more possible brain damage while the brain is still growing and maturing.

    It's sort of like how some people say well Alcohol is legal and weed may be a bit of a lesser evil so therefore there's nothing wrong with it.

    "Two wrongs make a right", is wrong. It's a logical fallacy.
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  10. Nelvaan

    Nelvaan New Member

    Getting stoned keeps me alive.
  11. LightInTheDarkestNight

    LightInTheDarkestNight Well-Known Member

    lol you're saying what the OP said just in a different way.

    You never see someone on intervention who's a pothead.... however that doesn't mean it's harmless substance.

    Weed isn't all that bad, far from as bad as hard drugs. At the same time it can certainly cause harm and some issues. Most potheads are depressed or coping with other issues it's a form of self medication. There's a fairly small percentage of people who it brings schizophrenia on and it's hard to know if you or one of your loved ones are one those people until it's too late.

    I really don't think it should be in the hands of younger teens. Saying they should be locked up for a very long time is harsh they should just have their supplies cut off if they deal to younger teens, however who's to police that.. I'm saying this if their the same age you know like younger teens with younger teens. Older teens or adults should know better then to sell to younger teens around age 13-15.

    Like I said in my other post their is so much pot available in high school and to a lesser degree middle school or junior high it should be kept away from adolescents until the have at least completed high school. Restricted to 18+. Although given the culture high school if not earlier is when most of them are introduced.

    You're responsible for your own actions but some people have addictive personalities and the decision making part of their brain isn't fully developed until your mid twenties. Not to mention theory of mind can take years to develop as well(putting yourself in someone else's shoes). Supposedly people with impulsive personalities are more likely to become addicted and I heard doing marijuana at 15 and under on a frequent basis can make someone more impulsive for the rest of their life.




    Legalizing could be an option however just like cigarettes teens in high school have no problem getting their hands on them so that may not work. Imagine having even more stoned kids in high school. The government would just want to profit out of it, most likely so that would put the underground aspect out of business. As well as that opens a whole new can of worms.

    Part of the problem with drugs is the criminal aspect of things, gangs bring violence which is most often about power and control. Not to mention $$$ is obviously the driving force behind it all.

    It's certainly a controversial subject just like with the last California Election. In moderation it's pretty much the same as having a couple drinks on the weekend but for heavy chronic users in many cases there can be permanent issues especially if one is started on that path as a younger teen or adolescent.

    Like the one article states it can cause irreversible mood disorders like anxiety and depression in adolescents and then when older the person needs to cope with those mood disorders so they use more weed to cope with the depression and anxiety it becomes a cycle a snowball effect in a sense and then more damage can be done, due to chronic long term use.
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  12. Anonymous1452

    Anonymous1452 Member

    I've been smoking for 5 years. I'm now twenty. I've definately been using getting high as an alternative to sitting and thinking in the last couple of months. I was going to come home today and overdose on codeine, but I met my dealer and now I'm waiting for a mate to come over to get high. I wouldn't say I'd be dead without weed, and it sounds majorly cliched, but it definately makes me feel better in as much as my problems are still there but I'm just relaxing and not thinking about anything. I wish it was legal and socially acceptable to do this looool!
  13. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    We should make it legal - because the most dangerous aspect of cannabis is being busted!

    Making it illegal simply makes the drug more acceptable to youth who are in turn facing a marketing pressure to use cannabis - then being lectured to by some patronising drug counsellor, who might well be snorting coke at the weekend whilst telling us all drugs are evil!

    In Holland and other nations it is legal to grow a few plants for personal usage. If you do not smoke a lot then you can buy hash or weed in the coffee shops. I have been in Holland enough to know that there is LESS of a cannabis issue there than there is in England. Dutch kids, do not have the same obsession with weed - less smoke it - and less parents smoke it also.

    Cannabis is not legal in Holland though - just tolerated. A similar system here in the UK would see some area revitalised as they become famous for the cafes and selections of fine produce. Billions would be made in taxes - tens of billions would be made if went the whole nine yards and licensed growers, or sold growing licenses to individuals.

    VAT would be made on all the equipment sold also.

    For a while - we would see the obsession with weed remain. However over time people would get used to the situation and the windfall of billions would be useful at a time when the economy of the UK has little to offer us.

    In the UK we have a culture of consuming cannabis like we do beer! People tend to rush it - a group of lads will buy cannabis and smoke until someone gets a whitey. The thrill of doing something illegal creates a kind of togetherness - a rebellion on a small scale and kids love to rebel.

    One other matter - making cannabis illegal damages the whole infrastructure of the legal system, from cops to courts. Many people who are honest for all intent will be criminalised just because they might smoke a joint in the evening - behind closed doors. Making cannabis illegal makes the law look stupid - which is a shame because many laws are good laws.

    If cannabis was legalised, I expect a number of people would benefit by dropping the medications and indulging in cannabis once in a while.

    It would be worth a try - after all anyone who is willing to use prescription drugs has to accept they use drugs anyway so might as well 'come along and take a hit from the bong' perhaps?

    Shame its not legal - as many people would find it of benefit for a number of ailments. The Queen of England, Victoria, used cannabis tincture to deal with medical issues. Nobody blinked - even though its possible she was pretty high the reports of the day seem to take drug use in their stride.

    The UK was maybe more productive in the periods were many drugs were legal - such as heroin, cocaine, cannabis and more besides!

    The War on Drugs - is an epic fail.

    Legalising is a win situation.

    Trust me - people will take drugs no matter what we do.
  14. me myself and i

    me myself and i Account Closed

    I agree with so much of what you say peace......................BUT,,,,,,,,

    We both know how much pot makes us lethargic and procrastinate, we both know it damages mental ability, we both know it can be an introduction to class A's.
    We also both know there will always be a black market regardless of legalisation.
    Weed is not like resin, its so much stronger.
    Its a big call to allow it to be legal, we will be endorsing drug use in our society.
    I'm not sure about that.
    What about the 12 year old who used to have a crafty fag............. nowdays its a J, is that really a good thing?
    Course they will do it....................... but do we encourage it.............?
  15. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    lol, this isnt a definition for a 'pot head' hippies are no long the main consumers of weed,hash,resin. and they are no where near the norm now. most people who smoke pot now are "gangsters" of some description, and they use it to get high liek people drink to get get drunk. "Hippies" differ as they generally smoke to think/find themselves/medicinal purposes. (I've been on both sides of this, seeing it, not partaking)

    this would be a sign of an addiction. also your first post saying
    these are two things that would indicate addiction in yourself. your relying on it to feel something or to feel better. thats substance abuse.
  16. deconite

    deconite New Member

    Post 9,

    I think you fundamentally misunderstand what marijuana is and what it can do for people. I also think you fundamentally understand the difference between a seventeen year old and and eighteen year old. I myself started smoking marijuana at sixteen. I'm doing allright, from an external perspective (job, education, ect), allthough I do have depressive episodes. I know others who started smoking earlier. For some people it's a drug to have fun with, a physically safe one. They usually quit. I'm currently 26, and smoke a bit each day. Without it I become unmanageable angry and depressed. People who have come to self-medicate psychological ills with marijuana often developed those issues before they hit artificial legal targets, like the age of eighteen. I know another guy, younger than me, more screwed up, who uses it to take care of his horrible anxiety and panic attacks. This poor kid (I say kid, he's 20) grew up in an abusive household, and without the marijuana he's so avoidant he can't hold a job or attend classes. With it, he's just this side of normal. It is a moral travesty that so many nations elect to further afflict people such as us with the threat of violent force and detention over our medical needs.

    As for marijuana dealers, they have the same motivations as other merchants. Profit. Same goes for the makers of SSRIs. Unlike major corporate entities, they don't have the protection of the police. They are disproportionately more likely to be robbed and to be victims of other violent crimes than your average pharmacist. When a hedge doctor's wares work, who are we to condemn them morally merely because the law is so out of wack?

    And lastly, it does not make sense to attack water because glacial acetic acid is also a fluid. Don't lump in the inherently dangerous with the harmless.

    For the rest of you, it cannot be that so many people who report marijuana helping them to such a large degree could be wrong. I've met countless people who use it to treat anxiety, depression, and anger, and I'm one of many people who are functional because it's available. If it helps you, don't blame it for your problems. If you feel your friends disrespect it, others will be more understanding. You are not alone.
  17. damage.case

    damage.case Well-Known Member

    LMAO most smokers aren't gangster in any way.
  18. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    Neither are they hipies i think my point was made there from your reply :laugh:
  19. LightInTheDarkestNight

    LightInTheDarkestNight Well-Known Member

    Did you read post 11?

    Did you read this study? or did you just blatantly ignore it. I'll quote it on here for you. There are two other studies I linked as well.

    This study sure states weed isn't harmless.


    You really do seem to have a biased point of view on the weed topic. Obviously if you're a pothead and you feel you need it to get by you're most surely going to focus on the positive aspects of it and overlook the negative ones.

    Did you ever consider that your depressive episodes may be due to the fact that you started smoking weed at 16? You also state you become unmanageable angry and depressed without weed. It's very possible had you never started smoking would you not have had those issues, so then you wouldn't have needed the weed to cope.

    I started smoking when I just turned 13 and by 14-15 I was smoking every day multiple times a day. I even tried ecstasy at 13-14. People that sell weed often sell other drugs or have "connections" that sell other drugs. By 16-17 I had tried cocaine. This is type of situation is common for a good percent of kids who use pot. Not that I was ever an addict on any of the other drugs. The last time I ever did cocaine was 6 years ago.

    I can only imagine where my life would be had I never went down the drug path at such a young age. With that said I'm not going to blame my problems on weed or drugs but the reality is it certainly isn't a harmless substance and before age 25 your decision making part of your brain isn't fully developed.This is where I got age 18 or 21 because we surely don't need these drugs in our schools. If you start smoking at 13 you can't properly gauge what your doing to yourself and the consequences. You may think it's "cool" and want to fit in with friends or be like others who smoke. Obviously most people who are consistent smokers enjoy the high you get form it. When in reality your causing yourself brain damage and mood disorders like anxiety and depression. As well as long term susceptibility to stress. Also weed does make you do some stupid stuff as well as be more lazy and procrastinate.

    So yeah my main issues is with minors getting their hands on dope. A good percent of kids try weed by age 13-14 and by high school much more try or become addicted and it's extremely accessible at that point. Your friends or people you look up to may be doing it and you just assimilate to what they're doing. These are the people who dealers rely on getting on to pot. It's their upcoming crop of potheads you get them when they're young, impressionable and they haven't nearly developed the decision making part of their brain.

    I see your comparison to SSRI's the thing is you just take one pill a day or whatever obviously there aren't different doses. SSRI's mainly effects your mood it doesn't get you "high" per say. Where as pot surely gets you high on and can easily be smoke multiple times in a day so therefore it has much more of an addiction aspect to it compared to lot's of other psychiatric drugs.

    You're right on one point that dealers and growers mostly care about their profit. Where there are drugs there are gangs.

    With gangs there is violence people who thrive off power and control. People in that game largely care about their "rep" and "cred". They will seek revenge or street justice for heat of the moment(impulsive) things because they can't let any wrong go without retaliation. Cross someone in the gang or criminal underworld enough and they very well may kill you without hesitation or any after the fact remorse. Revenge is the law of outlaws they need to maintain their power or control. Innocent family members being left without their dad, son or brother is of little or no concern.

    Pot is certainly a dividing issue. Legalizing could be seen as a remedy that way it would take the illegal and criminal aspect out of things and put some profit into the hands of the government, assuming them grew and dispensed it like the California proposition last year. Although it could just make it more easily accessible to our young and in a way it would be seen as condoning it.

    Regarding this analogy
    Last I checked water didn't get you high, cause irreversible brain damage, mood disorders or increase long term susceptibility to stress. This is only information from the one study I linked not even counting info from the other two.

    The pot we have now is genetically modified and many times more potent then it was in the 60's and 70's. One could argue back then you would just smoke more to get the same effect. The potency does play a factor in the dangers of marijuana.

    The reality is with the high comes negative effects. Sure the high isn't like crack, heroin or crystal meth however there are still many negative effects. Some people have addictive personalities and can even get hooked on weed to some degree, you may not know you have one of those personalities until it's too late and you're already smoking every day a few times even a day even young as 15 years old.

    It's very possibly if they legalized all drugs that could get rid of a lot of evils in the world. Although the counter argument to that is that we would have a drugged up, brain damaged, unproductive, inefficient work force. With illegal drugs comes crime and violence, just look at the drug cartels in mexico and all of the pure evil things that they do, in the name of power, profit or pleasure. Crack heads stealing, robbing banks, robbing people.
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  20. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Good debate....

    Gangsters are created by poverty and/or greed. Cannabis is just another illegal product in demand - any violence comes from it being illegal. Making it legal is easy as smoking or using it is a victimless crime.

    Cannabis can be a problem for younger people aged under 18 or so - smoking daily is not the best way to go for anyone but if some people self medicate at an early age or use it recreationally then it can lead to a lack of motivation for education!

    Some people with mental conditions might find cannabis aggravates them - instead of making them more relaxed.

    But lots more people use alcohol and commit acts of violence so maybe its a case of people having a right to make mistakes - even epic ones!

    Any tests made using cannabis on the brain only concentrate on two of the hundreds of chemicals actually there. There are also thousands of different varieties of cannabis so tests would need to be done in case any slight nuance led to some people feeling bad, paranoid, ill or dizzy.

    Prozac was likely tested by a few hundred at first - then went out to a few thousand to see if it was harmful. It was made legal even though it is more addictive than cannabis in some ways. Normal people use it thinking it is not a powerful drug. Valium has more recorded deaths than cannabis via toxicity. Its been legal for thirty odd years now - but changes its name from time to time as it is out of patent.

    Cannabis has been used by millions and only in recent years have heard the anti drugs lobby pretty much use the 'harmful' argument to make it illegal. Queen Victoria used cannabis as part of her medicine to deal with menopause. Today the young princes sneak a sly drag also - or so some might say.

    As for violent dealers- that is true in some nations, but in the UK and especially Europe, the 'dealers' can be just workers in a shop - they usually smile and are pleasant - weigh the product and let you inspect it. It is all so civilised - nothing like the mean streets of some cities. After all cannabis is not like heroin or harder drugs. The average person knows that cannabis is not so addictive that you will be hooked after a few try outs.

    In Holland I bought cannabis online and had it delivered. Like a pizza it came - no fights or arguments, just pay for your goods and wish them a good journey back and tip them!

    In the UK is far less dangerous buying cannabis than it is buying a drink in some areas. It is sold online also - obviously not in the very open - but type into search engines and it is there.

    Illegality aside of course. It is legal in some EU nations though. Once it is legal the violence seems to go. After all, nobody fights over the right to sell beer these days - it is mass produced, cheap as water and anyone can brew it if they so desire. It can kill you but no supermarket will stop me walking out with enough booze to kill me 50 times over.

    I'm not saying every pot smoker is peaceful - the rappers in the USA and the UK seem to smoke it and start to sing about unpleasant things with murder often included - that said these rappers will be nice people away from the cameras - well some will! They sing about murder and smoking guns and smoking weed - but as far as I know the USA is not being ruined by angry potheads with guns.

    People get shot there for pretty much anything. Dinner too cold - car breaks down, someone wings you - someone steps on the $100 trainer, someone badmouths you. Have gun - will unravel.

    Its the USA and UK army smoking all that weed in the Afghanistan that worries me - its like Vietnam part 2 - its a real pity those boys and girls were not back home instead. Maybe they could catch the real bad people doing horrible things to other people.

    Kinda makes our problems seem trivial when it comes to what your choice of drug may or may not be. Cannabis is just a plant - we class it as a weed - grows anywhere all over the world. No need to 'process it' or add anything, or put nasty chemicals on it to stop it being eaten by insects.

    The USA won its Independence partly through hemp which is a nice cloth made by cannabis fibres.

    Uniforms, ship sails, ropes, blankets and tents were all constructed using hemp. Even the first Ford Motor Car was made with hemp plastics and the cloth which is hard wearing like denim or nice and soft almost like silk!

    It was also used to make ethanol t fuel the actual car. After all oil is just made from plants - albeit fossilised ones. We can make it with any plant as we now see.

    Cotton is harder to grow and needs LOTS of chemical fertilisers to grow and perhaps fungicide and weed killer also. Hemp needed nothing apart from sun and rain and wind.

    Few people understand cannabis represents the leftovers of what used to be grown in an industrial scale. It was virtually free so making it illegal perhaps makes sense tax wise or maybe the big alcohol companies were powerful enough to get cannabis (and hemp) made illegal.

    It is a far bigger matter than this just being about drugs.

    Cannabis can also produce a 'milk' like any seed bearing plant the seeds are nutritional and in this case edible to humans.

    The modern day hemp industry has a French firm which makes 8 by 4 foot panels for industry - like plaster boards but more fireproof and a lot stronger and lighter.

    Be safe and be well.

    Thanks for all the effort you made, its excellent even if we might not agree on all points.

    Remember, you are debating a plant - not the 1% of it which is the actual drug.

    My worry is the hundreds of 'new' chemical drugs - the so called 'research chemicals' sold to anyone and tested on nobody and created anything up to 50 odd years ago and stored as a patent in case it has a use. Drugs are a part of life - we hide them from children but as adults we have to make our own choices. Hopefully if there is no for and against and just pros and cons - we can assess the pros and cons without getting too hasty over things.

    Thanks again.
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