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  1. missykate

    missykate Well-Known Member

    Can you be addicted to weed?
  2. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Psychologically, yes. Physically, not really.
  3. Spikey

    Spikey Senior Member

    You can't be "addicted" to it so much, but you can become dependant on it.
    As Anastasia said, psychologically, yes, physically, no.
  4. worlds edge

    worlds edge Well-Known Member

    Since dope is one of the most chemically complex substances out there, who can really say? Last time I remember looking there were at least a hundred chemicals taken into your body, wouldn't surprise me a bit if at least some people had a sensitivity to at least some of them.

    Plus the whole business of it being fat soluble has always troubled me. Drink a bottle of vodka and its out of your system in a few days. Smoke an ounce and it is there for weeks.

    Hell, I knew a guy once who shot heroin most Saturday nights. Loved the high, but never touched it from Sunday through Friday to late Saturday afternoon. He must've had the world's least addictive body chemistry. I knew him for about five years, and never saw him deviate from this routine. (He died in a car crash that had nothing to do with drugs.) But I'm not about to say that heroin isn't addictive based upon this weird outlier case, either.
  5. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    Physically it is not addictive as has been stated above. The psychological effect is maybe a bit more complicated and depends very much on how much you smoke and what you are actually smoking. With the majority of strains of marijuana even the pschological addiction is actually very mild. No more really than being addicted to having milk in your morning cup of tea or coffee. You might be a bit annoyed if there is none there but that's it. However some of the 'skunk' that is being produced these days has been genetically and sometimes chemically enhanced. There is a school of thought that these types of weed do actually have a bit more of a physically addictive quality about them. It has been shown that in some cases of heavy use there is certainly more of a physical comedown and the pschological effects can be greater as well. If you want to pm me and chat more about this feel free to do so. All the best. S. :smoke:
  6. kenny

    kenny Well-Known Member

    Having gone through a period of light, but regular dope smoking a number of years ago, and the fact that I can remember very little about that 6 months, I'd say that the effects of weed are possibly more harmful than people think. personally I've not touched it for around 9-10 years. I don't know if I was dependant on it or not, but it became habit to smoke a joint every evening.
  7. p3cky

    p3cky Account Closed

    i think you can come become addicted i recently stopped i do get some physical withdrawels sweats, dont eat for days cant sleep for days, but i crave it more than anything but i am just going to push threw as it makes me so depressed
  8. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    In a word, the final truth is: Yes to both.
    Psychologically and physiologically over time.

    I know, I know. The reader may be thinking "What business have I to trapse in here and start policing." lol I know and I understand.

    Well, one thing first. About the addiction, personal life experience and eductional knowledge.

    From my personal life Missy I've just seen too many people become lifelong users of the suff to a point of needing it just to feel "ok."

    Further, I have a friend my age who smokes it (and of course cigarettes) and has begun to cough up some pretty nastt black sputum. Now, that's 44 years old. WAY too young.

    It is more carcinogenic than tobacco, has loads more tar, and in general is just worse for you in every way when smoked.

    Oh - my friend. Joey. Guess what? He use to deny it was "addicting" in all senses of that word. He has done a 180 on the subject. Amazing to me, but I'm telling ya Miss--if you're young, you'll live to regret daily use of pot at too young an age.

    Now, as far as those... what are they? humidfiers? And baking it as an herb - hell, I don't know.

    If it's illegal where you live, though, you might know where I stand on that. We cannot will-nilly endorse the contribution to trafficking of drugs on

    (Not on this forum. We're pro-life and the rules a very meticulous about legality and similar subjects.)

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  9. Aaron

    Aaron Well-Known Member

    I think it's addictive...physically and psychologically.
  10. p3cky

    p3cky Account Closed

    i would deffitetly say its more addictive psychologically the physical side of it is pretty hard phsychological side is way more hard expecially when going a shit time in your life.
  11. ckeppa

    ckeppa Active Member

    its the only thing that makes me happy anymore...its always made me happy. ive had depression since i can remember...and ever since ive smoked weed ive been happier, but i dont know if i could ever stop. im high when i wake up and high when i pass out, i dont quit because im suicidal and shit would hit the fan if i did. but its not painfully addicting...i would still say cigs are much worse...ive had to quit both once and cigs were definitly 100 times harder, and more painful to smoke! when i smoke a cig ill get a terrable stomach ache or chest ache sometimes, but when i smoke weed. im numb :) and its been a huge help in my eating disorder..i wouldnt eat for days..but when i smoked weed i was able to eat cows like apitizers. gotta love pot man! i just wish they would legalize it down here in FL...damn gov
  12. Ripx

    Ripx Well-Known Member

    well coming from someone who has smoked it for 6 years, and and every day for the last 3, i can assure you that yes, it is very addictive. not physically addictive in that if you quit you'll be falling over puking for days after you stop, but rather physically addictive to your brain. if you do it long enough, eventually your brains natural tranquilizers will simply stop working. this is because your brain figures that there is something else that is providing you with the calming type chemicals. so after you quit, it will take weeks, possibly months before your brains natural chemicals kick in again. i haven't smoked now for TWO WHOLE DAYS WOOOOHOOOO! and i can tell you it is very unpleasant. right now the thought of NOT going out and buying an ounce is totally alien to me. It would be so simple to just call my dealer up and be right back to where i was dreading just 3 days ago. But then agian i have nothing else to do! fuck what to do what to do. i wish i had a girlfriend.
  13. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    I finally tried weed a couple weeks ago. It didn't really do anything for me except for irritate my allergies the next day.
  14. muteblaky

    muteblaky New Member

    i'd say psychologically.

    whenever i go on a weed binge then stop, i don't eat for at max a week. i get depressed, and for the first few nights can't sleep. but that's just me. i guess it depends on the person, and quality of the weed.
  15. lonelymortal

    lonelymortal Well-Known Member

    I'm definitely psychologically addicted to it. If I don't get any for a while I start getting really irritated, anxious and nervous. I can only think about how badly I just want to puff some weed to calm me down.
  16. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    If it's illegal where you live, though, you might know where I stand on that. We cannot will-nilly endorse the contribution to trafficking of drugs on

    (Not on this forum. We're pro-life and the rules a very meticulous about legality and similar subjects.)


    this is the drugs part of the forum. how is taking drugs trafficking? it isn't. this is the right place to discuss drugs. i don't get why you are mentioning trafficking in every reply
  17. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    it is not as easy to become addicted to heroin as the law would like you to think. there are many recreational heroin ( and other opiate users ) who never become addicted to the drug. not endorsing it either before anyone starts moaning. but to be honest there is a lot of crap spoken about drugs.
    i am on medicinal morphine. i have been on it over 6 months. i take it most days at the moment. i am still not addicted. why? no clue but on days when i don't need it i do not have any effects.if i was taking it every 4 hours for 2 weeks i would probably become addicted but its all about the spacing of dosages and amount taken. it is the regularity that causes addiction.
  18. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    all drugs yes even the illegal ones have medicinal properties. marijuana in the uk can be prescribed esp for people with pain conditions, MS etc and yes it helps with appetite.
  19. worlds edge

    worlds edge Well-Known Member

    I think I'd need to see some sort of empirical evidence before I accept this claim, sorry. You very well may be right, and I'm certainly skeptical in my own way of quite a bit, but I'd at least need something beyond the anecdotal before I'd consider this.

    Well, I suppose by definition this also means there're at least some heroin users who start off as recreational users and wind up horribly addicted. I mean, I doubt there're very many people who start using a particular drug with a plan to become addicted, are there?
  20. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    yes there are. and yes strange as it seems there are some who do plan to become addicted. i guess it is another form of self harm.
    most don't though. and as someone who has been there i wouldn't recommend it.
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