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I’m so sick of being alone...Another Friday night aimlessly flicking through Netflix and eventually giving up before crying myself to sleep. Saturday and Sunday will be the same.

I wish I could stop hating myself, my appearance, my job...My life....

And finally I’m tired of constant rejection.

Am really that bad?


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It's not YOU; it's PEOPLE. Sociologists all over the world are studying the phenomenon of a global society where people have many resources to communicate with each other but are more lonely than ever. The contacts you get from people are photos of them with people you don't know or re-sent messages (some of them very shallow or dumm). Already our way of greeting each other shows you how things are:
- How are you?
- FINE, thank you, and you?
- FINE...
What happens when you break the "protocol" and try to tell the other person how you actually feel???:
- Er.. sorry, I've got to go...
Just remember there's a person who will always be with you: YOU. Don't hate yourself. We don't start the race from the same starting line but we can strive to become the best US possible. And if we fail many times, it doesen't matter as long as me try again and again.


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You are not bad at all, but will me saying that change anything? As socialiazing and friendships are for sharing, nurturing and growth, so are these periods of lonliness. Thoughts are telling you the hurtful things about you, your appearance and a job, but in actuallity you are golden. Just stop and observe them for a second, catch them when they are about to arise and see what happens. You will prevail. Once we allow our inner kindness towrads ourselves to flourish, the whole existance starts responding. Your true friends will arrive.


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You're not a bad person at all. I spend y weekends indoors mostly, sick of fake friends so cut them off, better people will come along, but obviously there is the issue of trust. I am sorry you are feeling so low, I do know how you feel for sure.


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Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me. You choose how to spend your time though, we each do. If you want to do something different then make that happen for yourself. I think that doesn't sound too bad but I'm old and lame. I'm sorry you don't feel like that's a good time... go do something for yourself. You don't necessarily have to go with someone and you may meet people along the way that share the same interests, you know? When you're living for yourself is when you meet the most people -- trust me.

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