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Weight loss message. Don't make my mistakes.


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Feeling inspired to write this. I think... we need to talk more about this and remind each other how shit works. We forget so much and lose ourselves in haste. Have to remember to pull yourself back to reality.
Today I made a before pic as I have been working out for about a week now and am ready to return to a healthy lifestyle. Well... I took a cold hard look at myself and thought... wtf happened? I went on Instagram and unfollowed all stoner pages, and instead began following a bunch of weight loss motivation pages. And, wow. First of all, I admire all the women who post their before and after. It doesn't matter how much they have lost, what matters is the work. And they look so happy! Then I understood that I'm whining too much. Thousands of people have lost, AND WILL lose, two, three, four, five times the amount of weight that I have to burn. I calmed down and felt happy for everyone. Then I recalled what happened the last times I lost weight. And I tell you this -
being present, being grateful and being patient are the most important things. BE PATIENT. BE GRATEFUL. BE PRESENT. BE YOU. And do it for yourself.

My story. I have lost 10, 20, 30 kilos several times. But it always ends the same way. Last time I got in the best shape of my life, but it wasn't enough for me. All ended with me not eating anything and exercising like three hours a day, every day. Plus, I was throwing up once in a while because I felt like I was eating way too much. Everyone liked the way I looked but they had no idea what I was doing to fit in. I began overdosing on fat burners n shit... eventually I began losing touch with reality, and began hallucinating. The psychosis remains still. The voices tell me that I'm not good enough and I'm lazy n shit, and that makes me want to die. But I have learned to fight them and that includes anyone who might not like me in real life. You don't like me, suck my d***! excuse my language. Also, I'm a woman. :D nevermind. Anyway. So I was unhappy, insane, completely ruined my health, and it wasn't the first time. Soon I injured my leg pretty bad and I had to stop working out. Because of the voices and depression, I started binge eating... and I think that's where I lost it and my demons devoured me. A while later I picked up drinking and here I am sometime later. I look like crap but I am stronger and well... Of all the times I will do thins for myself. Not for society or some guy or whatever. Doing it for someone else is the most stupid thing you can do, because the work isn't coming form self-love. It's self-hate, and it can easily turn into self-torture. Trust me. Also, the thing is - no one really cares that much. You can lose a ton of weight for someone, and they might not give one flying fuck. You might start blaming yourself n stuff... etc. I think you know what I mean.

Weight wasn't gained overnight and it won't be burned overnight. Patience is the key. Stay away from sports products if you can. I can't, honestly... but for everyone else I recommend - never pick that shit up. It will ruin your health. Let your food be your fat burner. Let food be protein, and let food give you all the nutrients as it was meant to be.
Be present, live your own life and be proud of your results. Don't compare. Be present.
And be grateful for the progress you have made today. Every day, be grateful.
Surround yourself with positive messages.
Learn as much stuff as you can about addictions if you have a binge eating problem. The main cause is not emotions, but the habit. Binge eating is an addiction. Beat it.
Learn as much as you can about proper nutrition.
No fad diets. No quick fixes. No whining.
Accept yourself and heal your body through self-love. Your health is the most important thing in the world. Grab on to it and never abuse yourself.

Truly yours,
someone who hears voices.
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Thank you ☺️ @Myaing ! : )
I think your words are very inspiring.
I’m sorry you’ve felt this way about yourself & your health, at times... I know it is not easy—to make - the understatement of all understatements! But I’m glad to hear you’re taking positive steps to help yourself out! Have you ever tried any type of therapy for this? And if so , has it been specialized or geared towards “eating disorders?” The only reason I ask is that, around here anyway, they treat them like - or think / classify them as - “mental health disorders,” or conditions... in other words, eating disorders falling under the mental health umbrella. They also happen to be some of the most catastrophic; just in terms of their seriousness (especially in relation to perhaps maybe how someone on the outside could view them—that is to say, downsize or minimize their effects, or effectiveness or seriousness, I guess in terms of the gravity of significant impact they can have on ones health). I’ve heard it said that the food is not the issue so much as what’s at the root that’s causing the behavior. In other words, in order to solve this, they very often - or oftentimes have got to get their hand s dirty in so far as uncovering just what is going on under the surface that’s causing one to do this : (starve, overeat, whatever else it may be...) but that is just one ☝️ theory; approach; & mindset, nothing more! So I hope you can find whatever works for you ultimately in the end because that is what I feel you deserve my very fine friend. And while I have not dealt with this issue personally or specifically—one of the closest people I ever have had in my life friendship wise has. And had she not gotten the help she deserved, she’d likely have wound up on the wrong side of things. I’d intervene d — & did all that I could. (Not having a clue as to what I was doing at the time; but maybe the act or my actions rather, showed her that she’d had someone in her corner who was devoted to her and that actually cared, at a time when all else, or all others rather, chosen to abandon her. I forgot what I was going to say in conclusion (thankfully! Lucky 🍀 you! Hooray 😃. . ) oh - this might have been it, or it might not.., while I have not needed to do
This sort of practice or thing for weight loss necessarily or per se, I’ve done it for other health benefits such as detoxing your organs and such —just overall feeling a million times better in general. I would say that ‘intermittent fasting,’ has been one of the most effective ways to lose weight; especially in a healthy manner. It is not to be confused with starving however & would probably not be recommend or wise for anyone with anorexic tendencies


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Be well, please! Lots of people love 💕 you, whether you know it, or are aware of it, or not!!! : )
<3 Thank you for sharing! I can tell ur a great friend. Happy to hear that the girl made it out alive!
I havent done any therapy. It costs a fortune here, and im working only part time. I have to do it on my own. Im not really inspired to do that, but if one looks for the information and support, he can find everything he needs on the internet.


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Excellent — excellent — & EXCELLENT! :^) . . (You have no idea who happy that makes me to hear that from you, myaing!! :D)_.!~ And, yes! You are so right & correct about the internet, and finding good thing s in there— which, I wonder if “online therapy,” is something that might be a possibility, if you’re open & available to its consideration. . . Given that it’s accessibility might be better than your homeland, or where you live. And if it would be any cheaper? Anyway, yes ! & thank you - the girl I spoke of was a true “perfectionist,” in every sense of the word. . . ;^) she did therapy weekly, as I recall; & said that it kept her, basically “sane,” as well as helped a great deal with her eating issues... Once she recovered from all that! She abruptly dropped me like a bad habit - “no deed goes unpunished—I truly do believe that!” And went back to her boyfriend who’d cheated on her while spring breaking in Mexico 🇲🇽 whoo hoo! ;) in her defense: I wasn’t exactly pushing for anything more than the restoration of her health through or via our friendship. : )

But this is great 👍! I’m so glad you’re in this state - & able to see things (even if only slightly, sometimes, as we all are) clearly—

I have great hopes for y ou still, so don’t ever give up hope, no matter what your mind or head say or tell you (If &/or when, it happens to be otherwise..)-

_have a good one ☝️! ; )

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