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Weight loss

Ok so. In 2002 when I was admitted to hospital I gained 88 lb in a month thanks to Remeron. So inded up weighting 213 lb.
I exercised and ate healthy and my weight just wouldnt go down. A this point I lived at home, my weight was around 190 lb. So few years passed and nothing happened, then I moved out. And now, been living alone for about.. 7 or more months and I currently weight around 160 lb. I can't say for sure since I dont have a scale. My goal is 132 lb, I'm 5'1 short. :D And last week it hit me.. Goddamn it I'm 28 lb away from my goal! :D Yay!


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Thats great, well done!! Do you have any tips you would like to pass on to the rest of us?

:hug: Hazel xx
Umh.. No not really. I eat whatever I want to eat.. But then again... I dont eat much.. I pretty much starve myself daily.. Not intentionally tho.,. I just cant go to the store..


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That is great...hope you continue to get to your goal in an healthy way...feeling good about yourself...priceless!...keep up the noble effort and hope you enjoy the Spring clothes...and BTW...never a need to spend a lot of money...watch fashion week from NY and copy what you see for far less...and finally, the new black is black...lol...best regards, Jackie

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