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    So sick of being underweight and unable to gain weight. While my body metabolism(?) was slow and was very thin I jumped quite easily from my lowest (109) to 118, after that it took a while to get to the barrier weight of 123, once at that weight however, no matter how hard i tried I couldn't get above this weight for a year (or more), while at uni (and one or two months at home beforehand), at uni i was eating almost every day and meals at least every two days but usually every day, however I still couldn't put on even a pound. Even when i wasn't at uni this recent summer (and therefore eating proper(ish) meals), i still only put on 3 pounds total in maybe 2-3 months (am now between 125 and 127)
    I've been trying to gain for so long now I seriously think i am physically unable to.

    And know the sickest fucking thing? I've put on 18 pounds (at best) roughly and I've still got 20 fucking pounds to go before I'm back where i started

    Ugh I *HATE* this :mad: anorexia sucks.
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    weight rant (POTENTIAL ED TRIGGER) further info

    This is not a mental barrier I've got though, rather a physical one, other than a few bad days, I have usually eaten at least the maintain amount of calories if not more. I have no idea why but my body won't physically gain weight
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    Re: weight rant (POTENTIAL ED TRIGGER) further info

    Sorry needed to get that one out

    EDIT: Thought this forum was for rants but maybe it's the sub forum oops