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Weight Watchers


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I've joined weight watchers and was shocked to be told I weigh 13st 5lb But after just under a week on the points plan I've lost 5lb!!!!!!!
It's fantastic! Woot woot! lol. The points are great, basically, I'm allowed 23 points a day and I have to write down everything I eat and drink - except the fantastic stuff like water and diet coke - both of which contain NO POINTS WHATSOEVER!
I can still eat McDonalds and stuff - except did you know one large milkshake there contains 9 and a half points!??!??
It's also good cause if I go over my 23 points a day then I just take off what was over from the next days points.
It's brilliant lol.
Has stopped me eating when I'm bored.

Mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Thats great Mel, :clap: Well done!
Keep up the good work, and let us know how you get on each week.

:hug: Hazel xx


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That's excellent. My Mother goes to 'Slimming world'. I'm not sure how different the diet plan is though. Anyway, well done. Keep it up. :smile:

Edicius si Evol

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Congratulations !!!! :loopy:

This is just great.

Keep it up.

Weight Watchers does wonders and the best of all it's healthy.

I lost 13kg with Weight Watchers !

It rules.

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