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    :laugh: Quite funny actually when I think of it...well in a depressing way.

    I got into a one sided "argument" with my parents. They sat me down shouting at me on how I spend all my time in my room. I just sat there taking it in if I argue back or even try to reason with them I know from experience it only gets worse.
    Then, here is the weird part, they started arguing with each other about who would tell me off. Ha! Arguing over the right to yell at me.

    God how I despise them sometimes. I am not even sure they wanted me.
    Then there is my brother...when ever I get yelled at he metaphorically "Kicks me when i am down" by sitting out my door saying how me and my mates slit our wrists, he calls me a emo and goth. My mates do not know this part of me and I know they do not do it me as I have secretly looked at their arms and such for marks. He has no idea that is what he is making me do, the only reason he knows is because my mother started to go through my stuff one night months ago shouting how I slit my wrists because i hate her. Wtf? Everything has to revolve around her, and everything must be declared to her friends and family through shouting, phone or email, specifically in the first 2 hours.

    I cant wait to find a job and move out of this place. The road of recovery for me lies in living my own life, getting some help and moving out. Without these three I do not see how I can make it.

    My parents spend money on items for me, my room is like an students apartment but they dont give me friendship and understanding. Splashing money at a problem does not work, and what I have in possessions I lack in companionship and compassion.
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    that is what you need to focus on, once you have that to keep you going in normally get a little easier. i sympathise with the parents though, sounds just like my mum. best to do as best you can while your stuck there. try and create as littl stress for yourself as possible and be safe. your brother sadly doesnt understand, very few ppl do, including by the sounds of it, your mother. :hug: