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Weird Scary Nighmare

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It was about a year back now but everyone I've ever told has been really freaked out by it.

Well in the dream I was standing in a open field, and there were these two people dressed in old victorian childrens clothes, they were skipping in almost slow motion.

Well they skipped behind this scarlett red curtain, and as they went out of the shot, there was a bang like a cannon being fired and the curtain drew itself back and the two people both man and women, were standing there, headless.

Keep in mind I've never watched a horror movie before, I'm a terrible fraidy cat when it comes to that :tongue:

Anyway can anyone think of what it means?
Wow, thats freaky :blink: . Hang on, were the people skipping past the curtain the same ones who turned up headless behind it? I know I've had dreams with loud, sudden noises like that before. Did you fall asleep anxious or depressed? Thats usually what happens to me.
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