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weird things happening

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Just 2 things.
I was waiting for a bus after college the other day, and the bus i was waiting for went by, and i didnt see it. it was a double decker bus. and i didnt see it?

And I'm feeling things crawling on my legs and arms mainly too. and im scratching like hell alot of the time.

Its kinda freaked me out a bit :S


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You may have simply spaced out or had a microsleep. That isn't necessarily indicative of anything particularly wrong.

Yeesh... Not sure about things crawling on you, but I scratch a lot too on account of dry skin.

Neither sounds especially serious, but it'd be worth asking a doctor about.

Recently I've been using self-hypnosis to fix everything about me from pain to pet peeves and tiredness and I would recommend it for itching, you can block sensations entirely... If you want to know more, just ask.


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You have been very upset lately so I think you are feeling the effects of this stress...we all have these experiences; they are magnified when we are so unsure of ourselves...hope today is a clearer day for you...J
Yeah its more just distressing having these 2 things happening.

I dont have dry skin which i would be greatful for to have an excuse for scratching. but it actually feels like theres things crawling on me. and its horrible.

Yeah, ive been a bit all over the place J, I felt that the last few weeks had been better tho. who knows.

And i'll pm you aeou.


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missing and not seeing the bus is nothing to worry about, you probably zoned out for a bit...and as for the itching, again nothing to get uptight over, meds can cause this...or just the normal itch and scratch syndrome, you feel an itch scratch it and it seems to spread. talk to your doc either way. take care


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when I get stressed I itch like mad, also when anxious. It does drive you mad though! Hope you get it sorted soon :)

Lea x x
I'm not on meds, i refuse to take the ones they are currently telling em to take.
I also felt lucid through the whole time of sitting at the bus stop, which is why it concerns me.
And its not just an itch, i dont mind itches. its the feeling of something crawling. and ive looked before scratching to see and theres nothgint here.


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A microsleep would leave you feeling lucid but also have you miss the bus. With your unpredictable sleep patterns I wouldn't be surprised if you have a lot...


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i feel for you...its horrible feeling stuff you cant understand. anxiety and stress can cause you these symptoms as well. for example i can have problems with noise and smell that can be extreme and that drives me nuts and even tho i feel in the here and now. i am told its cos my nervous system is in overdrive due to anxiety even tho i am not aware of it and maybe this is what is happening to you, you can zone out without actually knowing that you are, it can be scary at first until you recognise the signs and even then its weird. the mind is powerful and scary and we dont always understand what is happening but that doesnt mean anything bad. try and make notes of what happened before these events, how you felt etc..and maybe a pattern will emerge and discuss with doc. i wish you well.


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sounds like anxiety/dissociation thing. The not seeing the bus go by sounds like dissociation to me of some form. I had all those things happen to me.
Yeah i dont have a decent doc tho :/
Ive had psychotic episodes before, like with hearing and seeing things. And he scoffed at me and said 'are you sure its not just yoru own thoughts?'
And theyre rediculas when it comes to medications and listenign to me. ive kinda given up on goign to them tbh. they do square root of F all.


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i agree with herenow, does sound like disassociation/derealisation type stuff..common in anxiety...you get crap docs that dont understand this stuff, you need to see a psychologist/psychiatrist for confirmation. not nice anyways...i live in disassociative state 6 days out of 7 and the 7th day which is real life is weird..you just get used to be detached without even knowing that you are. dont fret it...you are as sane as the rest of us :hamtaro:
Sorry it was a psychiatrist who said that too me. and tehyre also teh ones who dont listen when i explain the side effects of teh meds tehy want me on.

My GP is lovely, im just to eh, complicated? for her to prescribe the medications for me. so i have to see the rubbish psychiatrist that says im lying :smile:
Ugh i want a PROPER psych team, one that will listen to my worries.
im worried about so many issues i have, and i know if i bring it up, tehy wont listen, as its what theyve done before.
And its just upsetting me. Wanting help, when your the only one who knows what happens with your thinking pattern and such, and they just put you down.
Its a big contradiction and fecking stupid.
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