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  1. FoReVeR LoSt

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    There are so many thoughts going through my head right now that I don't know where to begin...

    Work is seeming more and more less interesting to me...well sorry let me rephrase that...everything is seeming more and more less interesting to me. I don't want to cook, pack(i'm moving in less than 2 weeks),grocery shop, go out, go to work, go to the gym...It's rough. All I really want to do is smoke pot, but I'm out(i'm not looking forward to seeing what might happen to me).

    I've had more thoughts about SI and wanting to do it all the time, but then I think about my brother...He started doing the same thing I did(he's 22) and it scared me. The good thing is is that he's getting help...

    I Haven't been able to sleep, i'm tired all the time...

    Alright, you know what i'm done. I think i've just describe what every depressed person is thinking and/or feeling...

    So i'll shut up and hope that one day, i'll feel normal again. I've been feeling left out, weird, like I'm not really a person. The things that i'm thinking are very hard to describe and in about 2 seconds i'm going to start to sound like a crazy person who needs to be put away for a while...

    k bye
  2. Terry

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    Stop with the weed for a bit hun, studies say it heightens depressive moods. :hug:
  3. ybt

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    "Studies say"

    When it comes to drugs, what the studies say have to be taken with a grain of salt. The reason for this is that drugs have different effects depending on who's taking the drug. What I do know about any drug is that drugs will temporarily cure your depression, or at least make you feel somewhat euphoric, but it won't solve it indefinitely. But no, weed doesn't necessarily heighten depression, and for some people it's a way of "coping".
  4. FoReVeR LoSt

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    this is kind of my way of "coping", but then I look @ everyone out there and think, well they smoke pot I mean, either we're all really depressed or we don't want to have to deal with anything...
  5. ybt

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    Well, people do drugs for a multitude of reasons.