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  1. Theone

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    This isn't really a post about anything I've just been thinking for a while how weird life really is, I was what you call officially classed as depressed about four months ago now and have been having considerable ups and downs, just yesterday someone had to cover for me at work because I had the mother of all breakdowns and couldn't stop crying, huddled on the floor.... It happens a lot even when I do what my CNP tells me which makes me think she's not helping..... I always feel Incredably lownly as I never have the guts to go for the girl I want... I'm such a pussy... And the times I do I get pulled up then slammed into the floor... It's soo unfair... Fuck it... It's just turning me bitter and I hate it, I hate it, I hate it... Carnt I get a break once in a while? Just once... It's all fucking self pity but whatever... I just.... Don't get the point am I that bad of a person? Everyone says stuff like your like the nicest guy... Blah blah blah... Does no one like or want to be with a nice guy then???? Ahhhhh I don't know what I'm saying...
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    Your depression sucks i get that maybe try new therapist if this one not working. try different meds as well add ons to see if the depressive episodes can get less in severity. I don't think it is self pity at all everyone wants companionship i hope you are able in time to get some stability okay don't be too hard on you
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    Good luck
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