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not sure about anything here except how i feel and how i found this site.
to the bottom and can't find a way out anymore.

sort of coming to grips with it too.
don't feel too bad about it at all anymore.
worried for a long time about everyone else after but i am kind of ok with that now too. worried to long about everyone else but myself.

i think i am really close to being done.
never felt this close ever before....

meds don't work anymore.

total eclipse

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If your meds don't work time to try NEWER meds they work time to try different therapy all kinds out there time to think of YOU and get help so you can get strong again and happy. call crisis line and go into hospital and get different supports hugs to you


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As TE said, it is time to speak to your doctor to see what other options there are for you and how new meds might help...make sure you are a good advocate for yourself, especially if the meds once worked, there is a good chance others will be effective too...J


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I agree with the others.. You may need a med change.. I have been on everything and ended back to the first one I tried..They have me on a high dose and tomorrow they are going to increase it..There ar always options..Different therapies, group therapies..Please don't give in to the thoughts.. Thats the depression trying to work it's majic on you.. You can fight it...
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