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    I'm that girl talking to herself,
    In the corner of the room.
    She looks like she's from somewhere else,
    Like the dark side of the moon.

    Some people think that I'm a freak
    But I think they're in denial,
    Because the only thing they have that I don't is,
    A bullsh*t smile

    You can say that I'm a zero,
    A super freak, a f***ing weirdo.
    But I turn heads wherever I go.
    I'm proud to be a f***ing weirdo!!!

    Not my words, the words of Skylar, but I found them very apt.
  2. jimk

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    Love Lexi.. From another weirdo..
  3. flowers

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    :high5: hi. From another wierdo !!
  4. Witty_Sarcasm

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    This poem is cool, sounds a lot like me too :p
  5. Kiba

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    turning heads happens to me lots too...