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I just wanted to welcome you to Suicide Forum, I am glad you found us, because this means there is hope for you because you chose to come here. I hope you like it here and if you ever need to talk, you are more than welcomed to PM me or add me to your msn or yahoo, my ID's are listed below in my signature.

Take care and I hope to see you around very very very soon! :hug: :hug: :hug:

thank you. i recently had a mental breakdown where i thought i might do something if i didn't talk to someone and i didn't feel that i could tell my emotions to my parents as of yet. so i used the yahoo search engine searching for suicide help and i found this place. i know i probably might need professional help but until i feel comfortable enough talking about this to my family and friends this is where i'll come unless there is some major breakdown where i need immediate help.


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:welcome: Hope you are about to find the support that you need in order to work through things. Take your time and take care of YOU. Ask any questions you may have, nothing is taboo here. Having a breakdown is very hard on the mind and the body too. Hope you will not to feel so alone. :hug:
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