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well...don't know

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Well I don't know what to say other than everyone here seems so nice and I know everyone has there own battles...especially here.

I just know that I just keep this up.
I gave myself a time from of this week and I really don't see any use in
going on.

Just how to end it is my issue. how? I don't know.
I'm afraid of water, don't have weapons. Pills?

I don't want to hurt anymore.


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You couldn't get that answer out of me, if you tried to beat it out of me.

And I'm sorry your feeling that way. I wish I could be more supportive right now, but my pain is getting really overwelming, and I can't stay online, but you'll be in my thoughts..

:i'm sorry:


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Meme I am so sorry that you are feeling like this please pm me if you would like to talk I am here for you. Please do not do anything that would hurt you or everyone around you that holds you dear.
Hugs sweetie.
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