Well f**k.

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I hate therapy.
I hate my mom.
I have to keep acting like things are getting better when they fucking aren't.
She thinks I should be GRATEFUL that she knows all about everything now.
Great, now she treats me like a 5 year old and I want to scream.
If anything, the emotional roller coaster/suffocation is worse then when I was alone.
I'm never going to be able to forgive Grace for telling her that.
She was my FRIEND, i should be able to TRUST her.
Now everything i had is in ruins.
I can't stop cutting, and I'm just so fucking done.
I don't want things to get better, I just want it all gone.


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It is so painful when one is in the middle of the storm...you friend thought she was doing the right thing, and was concerned about you...I think you should not cut off a person like that from your life...I hope that therapy will help you find a better place and that way your mother can back off...again, sorry this is so painful, but I am glad you posted to let us know what is going on for you...please PM me if I can be there for you...J


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Im sorry this happend to you and I hope u can find comfort during this time tho easier said than done I know. I hate therapy just like you and I cant stop SH but when I started I thought I might as well give it my all cause I dont want to feel this way forever, maybe therapy isnt such a bad idea it did help me alot in the beginning. Again I hope u can find hope and happiness in ur time of need :-P. Pm me anytime if u want and id be more than happy to help u cause I guess it would help me to.

P.S love ur BMTH quote if u took it from them :-P


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Sorry to hear your mom is takeing it wrong.. Her approach needs work.. You should tell her you want to go in for therapy.. I learned alot in the five years I went to it..Maybe then your mom will back off..

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hold on to y our friend okay she is the one the went out on a llmb for you She did the right thing now you need to help your mom direct her in getting you therapy okay councilling so your mom won't feel so overwhelmed If you get therapy then she will be more at ease and not so anxious You are so lucky to have people who care for you hugs
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