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Well he moved out last night

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by bluefish, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. bluefish

    bluefish Well-Known Member

    Man it has been a real long time since I last posted. Everything seemed to be going fine. In October I bought my house, which was really great and the guy I had been dating since earlier that year slowly started to move in with me. I got the house on my own, which was a big accomplishment for me but I am not sure if that was the turning point in our relationship. We rarely had intimacy. Even though things seemed to be hard at first, the relationship oddly enough began to get better. That was, until last week.

    It was then that I found out he was unhappy and he felt trapped. He blamed the fact that he moved in on me, even though I never asked him or forced him to move in. And when I started seeing that he was in fact moving in, I never told him not to. I knew deep down it was what I wanted, but I wasn't going to pressure him by asking. He moved in because he wanted to avoid impending arguments. Yeah. "I feel like we are married and I feel trapped", he said.

    He told me he didnt love me and that he didn't know if he ever would. He wanted his life to be like it was when it was just him. His solution was for him to move out, back with HIS PARENTS, YET he still wanted to be in a relationship with me. I told him I couldn't do that, I mean, I knew our relationship wasnt going to get better, in fact it may get worse. So after that "ultimatum" he decided he would stay. And the next few days were horrible.

    So Thursday, I told him he could take his stuff from my house after work. And he did. This was last night. I got home and his stuff was already gone. He didn't fight for us like I always did. He just left. I knew deep down in my heart that this wasn't the type of relationship I wanted, but I still am hurting about this! I knew he wasn't the one for me, but I felt that I loved him and I didn't want him out of my life. But those days of happiness weren't coming around that often anymore and it just felt like it was time. I don't regret my decision but I fucking miss him and I wish it didn't have to be like this. :unsure:
  2. cinZamurai

    cinZamurai Well-Known Member

    I´m sorry for the broken heart :sad: but you know it had to happen for you to have a shot at finding the guy you are supposed to be with.

    You see something good can come out of this in the end, now that you can use your energy to find the one worthy of your awesome love and personality.

    Brakeup is always hard when we have loved a person and they always have a place in the heart even when we move on.

    I wish you the best on your adventure!