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well hello my old friend my loveing knife

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by the_juggalo, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. the_juggalo

    the_juggalo Account Closed

    your displaying that in your words it hurts me to say thoese words and to read your words we should be looking in the same derecson
    if we do truely love onew another

    my own words and how they have harm me today my own gf not being with me in my time of need no one careing for me myself going back to the start the true begining of my life and how horible its been for me :sad: when i needed someone no one was there when i wanted a friend no one would be one when i got no one would help when my father would drink no one would stop him from hurting me when someone finnaly tryed to be a true parent it was to late the start of my crimnal life no one would help me no one would care for me no one would stop me no one could no one wanted me no one cared for me but one day i bet a friend who was everything to me a friend a brother who told me how to kill told me how to sell told how to start it showed me how to make money antill one day he was killed :sad: then they finnaly listen to me finnaly cared for me finnaly watch over me but know this boy has lost his friend has resorted to being a crimnal. then i met her but she crusted my heart so i turn to the blade that helped me then the gun who was my only weapon. :mad: cause me to start it up again need help to continue. reply plz,thx
  2. painfulbliss

    painfulbliss Well-Known Member

    u need to talk to me. what the hell happened? is everything ok?
  3. the_juggalo

    the_juggalo Account Closed

    sure :sad:
  4. the_juggalo

    the_juggalo Account Closed

    who am i kidding were starting it back up :cool: back to old habbits
  5. the_juggalo

    the_juggalo Account Closed

    yah everythings allright now
  6. danni

    danni Chat Buddy

    you doing alright hun? if you wanna talk i'm here if you need me hun :hug:
  7. the_juggalo

    the_juggalo Account Closed

    sort of still feel wicked
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