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I tried to cut my wrist today, actually about 15 minutes ago. I was successful. I induced serious bleeding but apparently not enough. I recently found this forum and am not sure why I am even posting. I have read a few posts from people and couldn't relate them myself. So, I am still "stuck" in my own self reality. I hate being here, as I know, many of you do, or atleast have been here at one point. So, instead of bleeding over my computer I'm going to finish drinking and hopefully I'll finish the job in another hour. Later.


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doesn't matter much if my identity is out there in the internet world anymore.
how you know what kind of "good and wonderful person" I am. And how could I take advice that says, "unlike myself." You have know idea who I am or what I have done.


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Your right, nobody really understands why I feel so low and depressed now, not even my parents, they are pestering to know what is bothering me, I should tell them but there's nothing they can do about it. My problems cannot be solved. :unsure:


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Nor do you have any idea who I am or what I have done. Please know that there are alot of good people here who care about you and want to help you.


hey there meklo. i know what your going through. cause unfortunatly im am still goingthrough it right now. and know buddy really does know if you are a kind and caring person but yourself. but i think that you could be. and i would like to get through this together. if you want to know what i've been going through read my thread goodbye. it might help you or ity might not. but if you want to get rid of these feelings and thoughts. pm me or email me. and try reading my other post Suicidal: Plz read this. i want you to know im here for you. and i might not be able to help but i want to. so plz dont cut. im also trying to stop. and i'vve lasted 7 days. and people to who are reading this dont stray off topic and say how you've had a bad day and need someone to talk to. make your own thread to do that. im not saying anyone has done that in this thread but they've done it other threads. so plz stay on topic. and meklo i hope you know you can always talk to me whenever you want, that also goes for everyone else.

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