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well i guess i will start here?

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im new here so i guess here is a good place to start?
i am 14 and i have had depression for a year now, only in the last 5 months has it been getting REALLY bad, bad enough to ther point that i was sent to hospital twice... but i bailed my self out:unsure: im not sure if that was a good thing to do...
but the reason i was sent to hospital was because my mum was told by the School counsellor that i had moved from 'idea' to 'plan' and i wouldnt talk to my mum about it at all. i refuse to talk to her all the time coz she tells everyone!! she cant keep a single thing to her self! she has told my brother, sister, step-dad, nan, riding instuctor and all my teachers. i asked her why she told so many people? she said "becuase i need the support" <---- i have gone to one person for support, and i am the one who needs it... she goes to more then 10 people!!
the second time i went to hospital was because my mum and my step-dad went through my room and turned my bedroom upside down! they found what i was gonna commit suicide with! DAMN IT! so knowing that they had just taken me out of harms way, they still took me to hospital even though i had nothing to kill my self with or even SH with!!!
i used to see a psychiatrist, but i didnt like him and i swear if i here his voice again... i will go insane! me majorly broke privacy when i wasnt at risk!! so this week i am off to see another psychiatrist:dry:
i talk to the School counsellor, she is really good to talk to coz she has been there since the start of the depression and i can talk to her really easily :smile:
so yeh thats me... i kinda had to write that all out to get it off my chest :smile:
bye for now


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I'm glad to hear that your mom is really cautious of you. Although she might seem to be overreacting and invading your privacy, it is really for your own good. Especially when your depression becomes unbearable. I hope you're able to open up to your doc, or someone else with the support you'll be getting. Some people only wished they had that kind of support, and people who care. Welcome to SF, btw.
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