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Well, I was 3 days from committing a school massacre

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by Øyvind, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Øyvind

    Øyvind Senior Member

    Exams was finished friday I had finished wednesday, I had the guns and ammo ready for monday. But then the weapons were found, along with my suicide letter. I spend 5 weeks in the youth psychiatric part of the hospital. Now I'm hoping my life will get better soon. If it doesn't, well....
  2. me_

    me_ Guest

    Hi and welcome to the forum!
    How do you feel now about what you intended to do then?
  3. MalcolmD

    MalcolmD Member

    I was pretty tempted once to shoot a guy who picked on me pretty mercilessly when I was in the ninth grade. Some years after I moved away from that area I heard that one of the students in the same situation actually did that. The news kind of stood my hair up on end to recall how close I came to doing that very thing. You have to know there's something better out there for you and keep your thoughts on the good things and the good people in your life. Don't let others ruin your hopes and dreams for your future.
  4. SadDude

    SadDude Member

    yeah, please reconsider any future thoughts of terrorizing your school.

    what on earth was getting you so angry that you wanted to do this?
  5. existing

    existing Active Member

    It's really odd.. I seem to have more sympathy and empathy for the people that commit crimes like school shootings than I do their victims.
    (Not that I don't have any sympathy and empathy at all for the victims).
  6. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    Sorry you felt the need to do that, you must have been in some pain to want to do that. But...hopefuly you will realise not all humans are assholes because there are quite a few others here that a great human beings!

    I want to :welcome: you to SF, and if you need a friend you got one. :hug:





  7. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    Some people at school probably feel as bad as you do. I dont know why you would want to kill random people unless they hurt you somehow. can you explain some more?
  8. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser ever to live.

    Its not odd at all, I feel the very same way. Probably because I too am troubled and depressed like these people were. They were so ignored and misunderstood like I am.
  9. With all the mean spiritedness, injustice and illness and that goes on in the world I`m not in the least bit surprised people commit these shootings.
    Fuck only knows what effect this God forsaken, piece of shit planet has on a young mind. I`m actually amazed this kind of thing doesnt happen on a daily basis.
  10. reborn1961

    reborn1961 Guest

    I am glad you got caught. I only hope now that you can get the help you need to prevent such ideas from happening. I understand feeling suicidal but to take innocent lives with you is just wrong. Please try and find ways to express hurt and anger you may be feeling other than shooting other students. Even if one of those students is an idiot and mean to you that person is still a human life and you do not have the right to end his/her life. It is cold blooded murder no matter how you look at it. Please take care and please continue to talk to doctors or whoever you need to to help you.
  11. _nu

    _nu Well-Known Member

    lol me too. but if there are other people like me (let's pretend that i want to kill everyone), then they wouldnt care if they were killed. i completely understand dnivio's desires. i've actually made plans that would work perfectly, but oddly enough after making those plans my anger kind of subsides and i go do something else. it's just 'good', i guess, that guns aren't easy for everybody to get. bombs on the other hand... but i dont think it's worth the effort to waste my time killing people. to prove a point. sure it would be pretty damn fun, but there are plenty of fun things to do before that.
  12. LetItGo

    LetItGo Staff Alumni

    School, as its currently setup in most of the world isnt the best place for young people to develop. Having young people become the daily targets of bullying, and isolation is breeding a great deal of anger...and its been like this for a long time now.

    I remember I hearing a story from France where they have some sort of mentoring system...where an older person is somehow allocated a younger "apprentice" if you like within schools...Not sure exactly how it works, but it sounds like a good idea, at least it would prevent some young kids from being completely isolated from others.

    I remember wanting to go out in a blaze of glory when I was at school, but not in a general shooting, I was far more calculated than that...just a few selected individuals. Of course getting a weapon here in Australia is much harder than the U.S..gun control is tighter than a fishes ass....and thats pretty tight.

    Im glad you got caught, quite often people get better treatment in psych hospitals than they can with standard mental health services...even jail appears to be better for some.
  13. DepressionII

    DepressionII Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid I must disagree with you. The fact alone that somebody is human does not make them worthy of existence. If this person is mean to another person specfically, to the point that their victim (dniviØ in this case) wishes to commit something like a school massacre, then they deserve to be crushed by heavy machinery and do not deserve to push air through their disgusting lungs anymore. If you will exist on this planet, and if you are not going to contribute something useful, then the least you can bloody-well do is treat others in a pleasant or at least tolerant manner, instead of pushing them to these extremes in the sub-human manner for this (apparent - lack of details) case.

    dniviØ, I have all compassion and understanding for the way you felt. I would have probably done the same thing myself but gun control in Australia is quite strict. Probably a good thing now I think about it. And sorry that I referred to you in the third person last paragraph. And I always have far more compassion and sympathy for the massacrists of schools than their victims (with the exception of the recent case with a man shooting up that Amish school).

    Whereabouts are you? I'm at a school whose name I won't mention - in Victoria, about 15-20 minutes out of Melbourne CBD.
  14. Well honestly, I think u should of. As long as the ones u shot were the ones who drove u to that point - not someone who maybe teased u a little (No Point in shooting innocent people now :wink: ).

    I believe that those types of people who got their kicks out of making someones life hell should all die. It's way worse than being a murderer I think. It's so much more evil and sadistic to torture someone constantly than to just kill them.

    Seriously.. for anyone who thinks that those pieces of shit deserve any kind of sympathy for being shot up need to SHUT THE F. UP!!! :mad: (I'm sick of hearing people say things like "what kind of a monster would do that" and "that kid that shot up that school is one messed up pup") ... these bullies are the ones that make this world the messed up place it is today. We need to praise any kid who goes into a school and shoots these people (not throw them in jail).

    by the way.. this is an unbiased opinion (I was never bullied in school). I just know their kind.
  15. dniviO, I fully understand the EMOTION behind your revenge plan, although like the others, I would not recommend it as a viable solution. Sometimes desperate people like ourselves allow our powerful emotions to overtake our intellect and that can lead to foolish actions that we later regret. I am glad that you didn't act upon your impulses, but like I said, I completely understand the desire to "even the score" because I have felt it many times myself. Anyway, don't deny your anger ( or it will grow ) but try to find some way to let it out that doesn't involve harming yourself or others. Maybe a punching bag, or an electric guitar
    with a really powerful amp....anything that lets you release angry emotions.
  16. dniviO, just to let you know that I am very much on the same page with you,
    my signature "Hostis Humani Generis" is Latin for "Enemy of the Human Race."
    The phrase is not meant to symbolize aggression on my part but to signify my distrust of other humans and their motives. I consider most people to be self
    absorbed sociopaths. Anyway, you're not alone here...take care.
  17. jamie20m

    jamie20m Well-Known Member

  18. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    Wait, WHAT?

    All of you defending the idea of shooting up a school . . . SHAME.

    People have a right to feel depressed, but NOBODY has the right to deprive another of their right to live. Even if bullying is involved. This is an example of disproportional response if I've ever seen one.

    Let's extrapolate this idea outward. The OP begins a murder spree--but do any of us know who's on the hit list? What's to prevent colaterral damage? What's to prevent targets of opportunity, even if they are "deserving?"

    During the Columbine shootings, 13 students and a teacher were killed. I doubt all of them were "bullies."

    During the Jonesborough shoothing, an English teacher was killed. She had a three-year old son at home who now has to grow up without a mother. I doubt she was a "bully."

    Can you seriously defend the idea that all the people killed during the Virginia Tech Massacre, all 34 of them, deserved it? Can you? Because I sure as hell can't.

    And what does revenge do, anyway? It gets you thrown in jail for the rest of your life, that's what it does. Yeah, the OP definately has a better life now. :rolleyes:

    Jesus Christ, people. Some things are against the law for a reason.
  19. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    I can't believe what I'm reading!
  20. ZombiePringle

    ZombiePringle Forum Buddy and Antiquities Friend

    Yeah this is.... Wow.
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