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Well Im Smart.. -.-

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Yea... I mean that sarcastically.. I went to go to the game store tonight to trade in some old games cuz I wanted an old game boy game for my SNES Super Game boy and yea.. I got there and the store was closed.. SO yea.. First I feel stupid about that.. Then I guess on top of it I went back to take the bus home and found out that I had missed the last bus home.. Oh yay!! NOT :/

So.. What ends up happening I walk 2 1/2hrs home in the rain... Woohoo!! And I'm really depressed and in pain now... YAY! Right?! -.-

Well.. I guess I'm glad half the way I was able to chat with someone on my phone.. Least I stopped talking to myself xD meh.. So ty.. u know who u are person.. haha.. Anyway.. So I'm feeling REAL smart.. And u know.. Half jokingly I was thinking.. u know.. I missed the bus home.. But maybe I can catch the other bus.. If u know what I mean.. -.- (if u don't.. "catching the bus" is sometimes referred to as suicide.)

Yea.. Just my rant.. Thx for reading.. Sigh.. =/
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I can relate to making this sort of mistake. And why not when you're so keen to the " :pokeball: master " :cool:
I'm very glad you chose not to catch that other bus.


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Ah Swift,

That kind of mistakes has nothing to do with being smart or not. Maybe just a tad bit absent-minded at the time. But you made it home and had company on the way. I remember loosing my set of car keys in a National Park at the time of the year when there is nobody around. Me and my gf had to walk hours before we could hitch a ride to a remote fishing village. Anyhow, took us a full day and a whack of money before we made it back to the car with keys. Its just a matter knowing that when you get preoccupied, you may be oblivious of important details such as the bus schedule and double check yourself.


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Hi Swifty...at least you got some exercise...I hope that is the worst thing you do...then you can become a saint...big hugs and hope you rested...J
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