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Well, I've officially lost the will to live.

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My grandma, a nice old lady of about 80 years, who has raised me since I was old enough to talk, has stopped talking to me today, and for the dumbest reason - she doesn't want me to grow a beard.

We got into an arguement over it this morning, and she just screamed at me and I was talking in a calm voice. I was ready for school and going out the door. I then noticed something when she didn't say her customary "Goodbye, I love you." She just said a cold, sterile "Bye." It's been on my mind all day today at school, and today my bus didn't come, so she was going to be at me for going to my friend's house after school. I call her when I get there to tell her that I had gone over there instead of going home. She said she would be there in an hour and just hung up. I called her back later to say that Tim (the friend that lives there) and I were going to go up to the computer shop. I said "Goodbye, I love you" through the phone to her, she says "Yeah, OK." and hangs up.

Words cannot express how much I want to die. Just hearing her say that is enough to tear a hole right through me. When I get home, I say hi to her and she just stares at me. I'm done with this life. I have nothing more to hang on to, she just destroyed my last shred of hope.

Yeah, I shaved the beard off. She doesn't care. Just more to add on to it.
if all of this is just over you growing a beard, and she is your will to live...then how about you apologize to her and not grow a beard. sometimes it is hard to apologize to people, whether or not it is your fault or theirs. but do you want to loose a relationship over facial hair?
maybe sit her down and talk to her, and if you want your relationship back to what it was, then maybe apoligise even tho i dont think you should have to but maye saying sorry will mean something to her, its really not worth losing your grandma over a argument about facial hair

take care

vikki x

ps. PM me if you need to talk :hug:


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Hmmm older people are weird... they grew up in a generation where the parents will was law, no questions asked. She expected that from you as well.

If it does not matter to her anymore then you can either leave your beard shaved off and try to gain her approval again. OR you can let it grow out and try to develop a new relationship with her.

And worse comes to worse you just have to rely on your friends. I don't know, I have never been so attached to someone that falling out of their favor would cause me depression.


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I know my mom sometimes freaks out and gets extremely upset at me for the smallest, stupidest things and it really makes me so depressed and frustrated as well.
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