Well, my liver's pretty much dead but I'm still here

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Hey, this is my first post here so I figured I'd start out by giving my background story on here. I'm 18 right now and have been depressed more or less since I was 15. Nothing is really bad in my life, nothing that should make me feel as bad as I do, but I still get these black moods I can't explain and can't shake. When I was 16 I od'd on a bunch of prescription meds with pretty much no result. Spent 2 weeks sitting in a psych ward and ended up leaving feeling pretty good. I was feeling depressed off and on but didn't make any more attempts on my life until this past week. I had just had the most wonderful night with my new gf the night before but felt like I had no reason to live, I don't know why. I swallowed a bottle of extra strength aspirin and drank a lot of alcohol, whatever I could find in the house. About a half hour later I threw up and did so for the next ten hours until my mom found me passed out in the bathroom. She took me to the hospital where I spent a week hooked up to an iv giving me meds trying to clean my liver. I still have more tests left to be taken but it doesn't look good right now. Sitting in the hospital I didn't think I'd ever try it again but just 3 days later it's already crossing my mind again. Well, that's my story.


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I hope you start to realize that your answer doesn't lie in the bottom of a bottle of pills. Nothing will ever change unless you get the courage to talk it out with someone. Do you already see someone? If so, please tell them about these feelings and maybe they can help you fix them, or at least start to deal with them.

I'm here to listen if you need me. PM me anytime.


I'm scared about my liver. I take Tylenol all the time. Sometimes for no reason. I don't take that many, 3 at most. I know that if I downed the whole bottle, which I have thought a lot about, I would just get violently ill and end up hospitalized like you were. I'm thankful that I haven't yet been so desperate that I actually did it.

I'm sorry that you felt you had no way out and went through with it. Some say that after a close call they somehow feel better and live a much better life. I hope that happens for you.:smile:

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<i> Nothing is really bad in my life, nothing that should make me feel as bad as I do</i>

Never get worried that your problems aren't bad enough to make you feel the way you do. We don't control our feelings.

As for the liver stuff I'm pretty much on the same ground, since my OD I'm not supposed drink or take painkillers, and I have to get tests done on my liver every few months.

I hope the results to your test come thought ok. Let us know how you go

Ealdc, you need to stop taking the Tylenol. I know how hard it is, hell I'm being a total hypocrite here, but there are much better ways to cope. Just try to go one day with out the Tylenol. Then you'll see that you don't NEED it. After that maybe throw it away. Would you like to talk about what has driven you to be taking it?

PM me if you want to talk.


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ive been there. downed tons of pills only to be discovered by someone else and "saved" .....
its no fun being hooked up to an IV having them try and reverse the damage.
i can only hope that you dont have those feelings again. and that you can find a safer way to get through tough times.
i dont have much advice. but just wanted to let you know you're not alone.....
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