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Well screw you

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Songstress, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Songstress

    Songstress Well-Known Member

    Dear Mom

    I don't care how sad you are that your "precious boy" is moving out. Did you make any fuss at all when it was me or my sister? No. Do you show any concern for the fact I haven't been to therapy in months? No.

    You make me seem like I'm nothing but a lazy no good pathetic daughter who can't stand on her own two feet ever.

    But I did stand on my own feet. I did that for three years. I don't care that you were married and had a baby at my age. I was trying to get married but it had to be done your way because you're the mother and whatever you say goes. Everyone around me has to control everything in my life and you're the reason I've always let it happen. You made it so no matter how good I thought I was at something I was never good enough. All because I wasn't your precious boy or your first born. You even told me that I was an accident. That you only wanted two children.

    I was just a reject right from the start. Your precious boy wanted a dog and your first born just wanted me to be a toy.

    The only reason I'm not broken in a million pieces is because my father actually gives a damn about me.