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Well that isn't helpful

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My therapist hardly even looks at me. He stares are the forms he has on his computer. Now, if it were notes he was taking I'd actually consider it helpful, but his whole body language is dismissive of me. It certainly seems like either he hates his job or that he doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. And I don't know if it's because I don't have an official diagnosis yet, getting that on Wednesday. but it feels like he doesn't know how to deal with me. It seems like he expects me to know what kind of treatment I need. WHY WOULD I BE THERE IF I COULD TREAT MYSELF?! I want to scream at him sometimes. But they post all over there walls that anyone who they feel threatens the people there will be arrested, and if I raise my voice at all I'm afraid they're going to think I"m aggressive and a threat.

How the fuck is anything supposed to get done if I don't even fucking feel comfortable there?


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hi and welcome. have you told your therapist how you feel? If not, you should, it would help the communication and bond between you.


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its true, not feeling comfortable probably wont help you out much in the long run. can you get a new therapist? also, how long have you been going there, if you havent been for very long do you think that its a new experience and you still need to get used to it?


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hey songstress, i am sure we can all relate to sitting opposite a therapist who either seems clueless or uninterested.

without a diagnosis, it will be hard for him to offer any treatment i would have thought, but at least he could discuss what took you to him in first place to get to know you a bit better and understand you before diagnosis.

all i can suggest is that you take a deep breath, and calmly ask if he feels he can offer you anything in the way of support or therapy prior to official diagnosis or is he waiting for the diagnosis first. little steps which will hopefully make you a bit calmer. dont know where you are, but can you maybe change therapist or is it just luck of the draw who you get?

it happens here too that they ask what help you need and crap like that, and as you say, if we are capable of working that out none of us would need therapy! try not to let his demeanour get to you, as it may be that you are possibly being over sensitive as part of your condition and of course he could be a total dork, either way as a therapist he should understand your concerns and try and help put you at ease.

take care


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It's kind of funny. Today when I went to therapy it was completely different than the first two times I saw him. He actually didn't even touch the computer much this time. His body language was much more interested and open. It was a good session today.

Now I just need to make sure I don't make myself nervous before going to see the psychiatrist for my diagnosis.
Hahaha I know how it feel, all the psychiatrist that I have gone feel the same, only one physiologist that I saw for some time feel right, but I stop going. When you don’t feel good with the people that treats you, I think that you have to look for a new one. It’s not that he is a bad one or anything, sometimes people doesn’t get along, even therapists and patients.
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