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    due to holiday stand down at my command, I ended up having extra days off before my leave (including xmas and xmas eve) and then 9 days of leave. My counselor had me write a calendar out and schedule events to do. I got the first 4 days scheduled and then the rest I am blank. I am now on my 2nd day of leave and I still can not think of anything to do. Most of the people I USED to hang out with before I went completely "loner" (idk what other word to use) are on leave. The only people that are here, is my friend's GF who is pretty sl#tty and hopelessly attached to my hip, and my other friend who is also depressed and likes to drink. (i dont drink most days due to my depression). I am on meetup.com but the events I RSVP for just don't attract my attention. I have a volunteer thing lined up but that is not until the 4th. believe it or not the calendar thing does work. before I started it I found myself aimlessly wandering the same mall by myself counting that as "going out", my counselor quickly corrected it. only problem now is what do I do? I also have a list of hobbies from a past session but I dont want to do any of them. Honestly the only thing I can think about is working and how it at least distracts me from the nothingness I fill my life with. The things I do schedule and then follow through with only take up a couple hours of my day (bouldering and sporting goods store, 4 hours...thats it...) becuase it took up so little time I ended up falling asleep yesterday at 3pm. I woke up today at 8am.....I have video games but that defeats the purpose of the schedule. and my counselor would be quite angry if I wrote on more than 2-3 days, "video games". so my question is, what do you do to get out? *I lack any and all creativity*