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Well thought I had a "real" job interview.

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I got a call today about a resume I posted on line. The company set me up with my interview for Wednesday, well me being as hopeless as I am really never got my hopes up about it. It was a good thing I did not.

Got home today checked on the internet about the company and found out it is basically all a scam. Oh well, on to the next dead end I guess.


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Dang, that's unfortunate. :( I can relate; silly scam companies.. getting people's hopes up.. Grr... I have had a bad experience with that before.


The next company that offers you a job interview better not be a scam! :dry:

Good luck! ;)


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Have had this happen to me, and it absolutely stinks :mad:

Get your cv out on to some of the more reputable job sites and have you considered temping?
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