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Well.. .

Is the tattoo a good idea

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    Votes: 6 66.7%
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something may have finally clicked in my head. im done with my ex. im happy as i am. im going to look for someone who treats me like a princess and who would never hurt me :) but ive been doing alot of thinking. and i have decided for total clouser i am going to get a tattoo. it is going to be a domestic abuse ribbion with no-one should ever suffer in silence around itt. what do you guys think??? x


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I am normally against tattoos, since for me, I see them nothing more than being ugly and pointless, but considering that you are thinking of one that actually stands for something (and promotes in a way), I think it is a nice idea.


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Excellent idea Izziebaby :dog_smiley: You could also attatch a Twibbon promoting DV awareness to profile pics you use on any other site you visit
tc Izzziebaby


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Whatever you want to do to your skin is your decision. The only thing I would be concerned about is the fact that youre asking others for their opinions tells me youre not really sure about being inked.

Why dont you get a tempoary tat n wear it where you wanted n see how it feels first if this is your first time.
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