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  1. VagabondVinny

    VagabondVinny Member

    I don't mean to be like everyone else; but, I've been feeling suicidal lately..
    I tried to contact any Suicidal Chat Room (Help) but, none of them would work because of my Zip Code. And no, I don't wish to contact the Lifeline Crisis Number..
    Now, about me.
    My life's been pretty decent, I don't wish to change anything about it...
    Although, I do question myself; Do I deserve it?
    I fully believe that I'm a worthless person.
    Every friend I had; abandoned me and I have no talents. I'm literally good for nothing and I have felt this way for a while now (4 years to be exact)
    And, I've just been so stressed lately; self-harm, crying, venting. Nothing eases the pain. And I hate it, I'm really tired of feeling this way and I just want to jump off into an never ending abyss..
    (Sorry for not being to detailed, I will answer any questions truthfully and no, I do not wish to kill myself at the moment but I am close to doing so..)
  2. If you don't want to change anything about your life, but are uncertain if you deserve it... then maybe there's something there for you to think about. Why wouldn't you deserve it? Do you do nasty things to people randomly on the streets, or some such thing..?

    Why do you believe you're a worthless person? Worth in a person is more inherent.. You do what you believe is right, and good, for your friends, family, and society. But of course life is a little more complicated than that.. so we do what we can with what we have. Sometimes others have good, reasonable sounding suggestions.. I'm not usually one of them.

    Good luck, hope you're feeling better.
  3. VagabondVinny

    VagabondVinny Member

    I just see myself as a useless person..
    I have nothing I want to do with my life (I had some hopes but they left me a while ago), I have no talents, I'm socially awkward, ect; I'm basically everything everyone wishes not to be.. :/
  4. FMyLife

    FMyLife Chat Buddy

    I find that highly doubtful if you feel you have a good life. What are you working towards? If you feel you are useless, what are you doing for yourself to make you feel worthwhile?
  5. VagabondVinny

    VagabondVinny Member

    I don't know, I mean; When I said life I mean't my family life; Although My mom had died recently and everyone pretends I'm not there but it's better then what happens at School.
    My so called 'friends' bully me but I can't leave them to find other's because no one else will hang with me and I'm too socially awkward to actually go up to others and talk to them :?
  6. ImFine

    ImFine Member

    Im reading that you have an incredible heart.
    *hug* Have you thought about volunteer work?
    I sense this is your calling. You have the heart of an angle, you wont be satisfied until you are serving it justice. Find your calling, the world needs your heart to beat amongst it.
  7. VagabondVinny

    VagabondVinny Member

    Where did you hear that?
    And volunteer work would probably get my mind off of things (And out of the house) I may check it out, thank you.
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