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  1. Crazy>Sane

    Crazy>Sane New Member

    I'm either going to electrocute myself or jump in front of a train. The shock will be right across the heart, more than enough amps to cook it. The train would be quicker, but it would hurt less... I don't mind if it hurt's at this point.

    Just thought I'd say something now, before I do it and all.
  2. irrelevant

    irrelevant Member


    Since you've put this in the crisis forum and since you've bothered to even post I'm going to take the risk and guess you hankering after something. I can only give you this reply.

    I really hope you don't go through with this. I don't know what help you have tried to get in the past but what I can say is, if the help has been unsuccessful then it has been the wrong help. I think I fundamentally believe from the bottom of my heart that the right help is out there for everyone, and it's something you have to really go out and find. It shouldn't be a case of trial and error, and effective and efficient help should be more readily available and hopefully in the future it will be. Right now it isn't. Don't let a society which is too ignorant to recognise the actual reality of your experience get it's own way and silence your existence.. make it help you like it should.

    I don't know what else to say.. you might not give a shit about society... but I really hope you can come back from this. And if you havn't sought help (which I don't know if you have or not) then give it a go.. you can go through with your plans after.

    Hope you find a way out. :smile::smile: :hug:
  3. lifeisashedog

    lifeisashedog Well-Known Member

    I felt like this for seven full months when making a decision whether to drop out of school or to drop under train. I finally decided to drop out of school (and after some time I returned and even graduated). I know how it feels. Now please go to bed and have a good sleep. Tomorrow I might break down (because of whatever) and will need you to give me the same advice :)

    Take care
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